FPGA Reading Group (FPGARG)

The FPGA reading group meets bi-weekly to present FPGA related journal articles and conference proceedings, discuss new ideas, and provide critical feedback on current research work.

Please email Andrew Canis (acanis at eecg_toronto_edu) to be added to the mailing list or to suggest topics for discussion.

Meeting Time: Tuesday at 11am in SF2104

Fall 2009

Date Presenter Topic/Reading Link Presentation
Oct 13, 2009 Andrew Canis Alex Papakonstantinou, Karthik Gururaj, John Stratton, Jason Cong, Deming Chen, Wen-mei Hwu. "FCUDA: Enabling Efficient Compilation of CUDA Kernels onto FPGAs". Symposium on Application Specific Processors, July, 2009. pdf | abstract pdf
Oct 20, 2009 Mark Aldham Lysecky, G. Stitt, F. Vahid. Warp Processors. ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (TODAES), Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 659 - 681, 2006. pdf | abstract ppt
Oct 27, 2009 Jason Luu C.H. Ho, C.W. Yu, P.H.W. Leong, W. Luk and S.J.E. Wilton. Floating-Point FPGA: Architecture and Modeling. To appear in IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems (TVLSI), 2009. pdf | abstract ppt
Nov 3, 2009 Andrew Canis Nitin Chawla. High Performance Signal Processing design using HLS: A 1GSample/sec Frequency Domain Processor Case Study. Tutorial at DAC 2009. N/A pdf
Nov 10, 2009 Alex Choong A. Ludwin, V. Betz, and K. Padalia, High-quality, deterministic parallel placement for FPGAs on commodity hardware. in Proc. FPGA, 2008, pp. 14-23. pdf | abstract ppt
Nov 24, 2009 Nick Ni I. Mavroidis and I. Papaefstathiou, Efficient testbench code synthesis for a hardware emulator system in Design, Automation, and Test in Europe (DATA), 2007, pp. 888-893. pdf | abstract

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