Photo - Glenn Gulak   P. Glenn Gulak - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
 Advanced Digital Systems Laboratory
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Advanced Digital Systems Laboratory

National Microelectronics and Photonics Testing Collaboratory:

  • Four Laboratories will make modern test and measurement instrumentation available to researchers at the host site and other Canadian universities via the Internet.

  • Both on-site and remote access will be provided

  • Each laboratory will have full-time technical support; education/training, maintenance/calibration, scheduling, etc.

  • Collaboratory funded by Canadian Foundation for Innovation.


Four Advanced Test Laboratories:

Digital SoC (Toronto) 

  • PI: Glenn Gulak

  • 496 channels @ 600-1250 MHz

  • 3 channels RF @ 7.5 GHz (modulated)

  • Digital virtual Test via Emulation

  • 20 GS/s digital storage scope

Photonics (Queen's)

  • PI: John Cartledge

  • Device testing for E/O, O/O  and O/E

  • Signal characterization (electrical and optical)

  • System characterization 10-160 Gb/s  

  • Multi-channel, multi-span transmission

Mixed Signal (McGill)

  • PI: Gord Roberts

  • 64 CH digital @ 100 MHz

  • 24 bit analog I/O

  • 16 bit high speed analog

  • RF to 3 GHz
    High power pulse

RF (mm-wave) (Manitoba)

  • PI: Greg Bridges

  • Fully automatic wafer prober

  • Signal characterization to 110 GHz

  • Signal generation to 110 GHz

  • Noise figure analysis


Collaboratory Operation:


Testing Collaboratory Concept: