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 Graduate Students
Graduate Students
Advanced Digital Systems Laboratory

Current Students:


  • M.A.Sc. Candidates

    • Michal Fulmyk
    • Rosana Murugesu
    • Dawei Song
    • Arshya Feyzi (co-supervised with Prof. Genov)


Previous Students:

  • Ph.D. Candidates

    • Derek Ho, (co-supervised with Prof. Genov), CMOS Contact Imagers for Spectrally-Multiplexed Fluorescence DNA Biosensing, 2013. [PDF]
    • Mahdi Shabany, VLSI Implementation of Digital Signal Processing Algorithms for MIMO/SISO Systems, 2009. [PDF]
    • Kostas Pagiamtzis (co-supervised with Prof. Sheikholeslami), Design of Low-Power Content-Addressable Memories, 2006.
    • Yadollah Eslami Amirabadi, Ferroelectric Memory Design for a Smart Card Cryptography Processor, 2005.
    • Tooraj Esmailian, Multi Mega-bit per second Data Transmission over In-Building Power Lines, 2003.
    • Vincent Gaudet, Architecture and Implementation of Analog Iterative Decoders, 2003.
    • Warren Gross, Implementation of Algebraic Soft-Decision Reed-Soloman Decoders, 2003.
    • Ali Sheikholeslami, Modeling & Design of Ferroelectric Memory Structures, 1999.
    • Javad Omidi, VLSI Implementation of Kalman Filter based MLSE receivers for Fading Channels (Co-supervised with Professor Pasupathy), 1998.
    • Brenden Fry, Bayesian Networks and their Application to Pattern Recognition, Data Compression and Coding.(Co-supervised with Professor G. Hinton), 1995.
    • Ken Schultz, CAM-Based Circuits for ATM Switch Networks, 1995.
    • Gennady Feygin, Arithmetic Coding: Parallel Algorithms and Architectures, 1995.
    • Edward Lee, Field-Programmable Analog Arrays Based on MOS Transconductors, 1995.
    • Kerry Lowe, Gate Sizing and Buffer Insertion Methods for Optimizing Delay and Power in CMOS and BiCMOS Logic Networks, 1995.


  • M.A.Sc. Candidates

    • Vadim Smolyakov, Fault Tolerant Embedded Memory SOC for OFDM Receivers, 2011.
    • Ameer Youssef, VLSI Lattice Reduction for OFDM Wireless Communication Systems, 2010. [PDF]
    • Dimpesh Patel, VLSI Implementation of Digital Signal Processing Algorithms for MIMO Detection and Channel Pre-processing, 2010. [PDF]
    • Cintia Man, CMOS Biosensors, 2007. [PDF]
    • Samir Parikh, A CMOS Image Sensor for DNA Microarrays, 2007. [PDF]
    • Jing Zhang, An OFDM FTT Engine for a 60GHz Baseband Receiver, 2005. [PDF]
    • Kostas Pagiamtzis, VLSI Performance Estimation of IP Blocks for Multicarrier System-on-Chip, 2002.
    • Ted Fill, VLSI and Embedded Software Implementations for Reed-Soloman Decoders, 2001.
    • Nirmal Sohi, A Multi-Standard Set-top Box Channel Decoder, 2000.
    • Warren Gross, VLSI Architectures for the Forward-Backward Algorithm ,1999.
    • Ken Chalmers, A CMOS DVD 4X ViterbiDetector System Design and VLSI Implementation, 1999.
    • Jason Podaima, Content Addressable FIFO for ATM Multicasting,1998.
    • Wai Ming Louie, Digital TV Set-top Box, 1998.
    • Jason Podaima, A Content Addressable FIFO for Shared Memory ATM Switch Architectures, 1998.
    • Vincent Gaudet, Design of a CMOS Current Conveyor-Based Field-Programmable Analog Array, 1997.
    • Paul Chow, A Mixed Signal Field Programmable Array, 1994.
    • Ali Sheikholeslami, Transient Modelling of Ferroelectric Capacitors for Semiconductor Memories, 1994.
    • Michael Tresidder, Interleaved Datapaths for Hiding Memory Latency, 1994.
    • Qiang Wang, An Array Architecture for Reconfigurable Datapaths, 1993.
    • Steve Wood, Ferroelectric Memories, 1992.
    • Ravi Ananth, A Field Programmable Stochastic Computer for Signal Processing Applications , 1992.
    • Michael Smith, Reconfigurable Cache Memory Design , 1992.
    • Gabriel Varga, A Universal Sensor Interface IC , 1992.
    • Joseph Dao, VLSI Structures for Symbol-by-Symbol Detectors, 1992.
    • Edward Lee, A CMOS Field Programmable Analog Array, 1991.
    • Afshan Ally, A Hopfield Neural Network Decoder for Convolutional Codes , 1991.
    • Bernard Herscovici, Receivers for the Mobile Digital Cellular System , 1990.
    • Gennady Feygin, A Multiprocessor Architecture for Viterbi Decoders with Linear Speedup , 1990.


Notable B.A.Sc. Theses Supervised

    • Dean D'Mello, Spreadsheet Models of Hopfield Neural Networks, Centennial Thesis Award, 1991.
    • Steve Wood, A High Speed CMOS Dynamic RAM Memory, Centennial Thesis Award, 1989.
    • Gabriel Varga, A 30 Mbps Error Rate Monitor, IEEE Hackbusch Award , 1989.