ECE496 Past Design Projects

2003-2004 Projects

* Project 1: A Generic Wireless RF USB Interface

by  Edward Chan and Frank Liu 
* Awarded the 2004 ALOHA Award for best innovation, team-work, and execution

Project 2: A PDA Driven Transcutaneous Functional Electrical Stimulator

by Dapeng Gao, Lee Ha and Wallace Cheng 
This project was presented at the IEEE 3rd International Conference for Upcoming Engineers (ICUE) at Ryerson University, Toronto, May 2004.

2002-2003 Projects

*Project 1: An Ultrasonic Range Detector

by Herbert Graf, Jason Chung 
* Awarded the Gordon R. Slemon Design Award for best overall design
project in 2003.

Project 2: A Custom CD Player

Group 1: Nicolas Yak, Puxin Zhang, Marco Cheung 
Group 2: Marcella Fioroni, Loren Bale, Joe Tran 

Build your own compact disk player! Salvage key components from an existing
player but develop the motor control, optical detection, and interface
electronics yourself. 

Understanding the modern CD player is a wonderful way to learn
many of today's most important engineering concepts: optics,
optoelectronics, communications and control theory, electronics and
embedded systems. This project involves both analog and digital
electronics and possibly some firmware development.

2001-2002 Project

An Optical Wireless USB Interface

Group 1: Karen Kwong, Elsa Lee, 
Group 2: Raymond Tam, Arlen Siu, Jason Yeung
Group 3: Richard Hou, Roger Hung, Eric Hsiao

Transferring large quantities of information to and from portable devices is a challenge. Free-space optical data links provide high-data rates at low cost over short distance. A major practical advantage of these links is that they do not suffer from the wear-and-tear faced by mechanical connectors in wired connections. 

Most portable devices are currently equipped with either a wired Universal Serial Bus (USB) port or an IrDA infrared data port.  The object of this project is to develop an optical interface which allows portable devices to transparently connect to the USB. 

This project involves developing both hardware and software for the transmit and receive ends. The project is practical, combining computer hardware interfacing, wireless communications, digital and analog circuit design.

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2000-2001 Projects

Project 1: A Wireless Mouse 

Group 1: Steve Kushnir, Dejan Mitrovic
Group 2: Steve Hartley, Bashar Abu-Snaineh

Design and implement a RF wireless mouse for a PC. The project requires
two blocks: a RF transmitter to encode and send information generated
by the mouse and a receiver to decode the transmitted signal and convert 
it back to a format recognized by the serial port. This project is very
hands on, combining computer hardware interfacing, wireless communications,
digital and analog circuit design.

Project 2: A Voice Intercom Over Power Lines

Group 1: Frederick Ipwanshek, Joshua Tong
Group 2: Peera Butrsingkorn, Jayne Lee

Build an intercom for voice that works by sending signals through
the power line. By taking advantage of existing electrical wiring,
we eliminate the need to install additional wiring. In addition,
by modulating our signals onto different channels, we can create 
an intercom that not only broadcasts, but can page specific rooms 
within the home or office.

This project is practical and allows the student to apply basic 
communication concepts. It provides hands-on experience in electronics, 
and introduces the area of communications over power line. It is also
a very useful invention to have at home.

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