For printing related problems, please email to printing(at)ece(dot)utoronto(dot)ca.

In the email please provide the following informations

  1. Location
  2. Printcap name
  3. Brief description of the the problem and printer LED display message (if applicable)

Samba Printing Problem - Long Printing Delay Time

Things to do when this happen

    1. Check "Printers and Faxes" and see if there are extra network printers that are unable to use anymore

If problem still exist, perform the following trick

    1. Delete the "problematic" printer from "printers and faxes"
    2. Launch command console (ie. "start"->"run"->"command")
    3. while in the console, execute the following command
    *For Windows 7 users, please run the following command as a regular user*
    net use lpt[number] \\[samba server name]\[printer name]
    [number] - any open lpt port number on the machine
    user will be asked to type in their username and password in order to
    have this process complete
    4. Reinstall the printer as a local printer (NOT network) at LPT[number]
    5. Done.
    The printer will now appeared as a LPT2 printer rather than a network
    printer. However all print that go to that local print will be
    forwarded to the printer from now on and everything will be speeded up by
    doing so.