The 2nd edition of the book contains the following errors:
  1. In the Table of Contents:
    The line for References for Chapter 2 should be removed, this chapter has no References section.
    Bibliography of chapter 2 is on page 65, not 66.
    Section 5.6.1 is on page 246, not page 249.
    Section is on page 249, not page 252.
    Section is on page 252, not page 254.
    Section is on page 254, not page 257.
    Section is on page 257, it is listed with no page number.
    Section 8.5.6 is on page 312, not page 311.
    Section 8.5.7 is on page 313, not page 312.

  2. Page 1, 2nd paragraph, first word: "Optaining" should be "Obtaining".

  3. Page 53, Figure 2.19 has two bold streaks (printing errors) across the page.

  4. Page 56, Figure 2.23: $\sigma = 0.97725$ should be $\alpha = 0.97725$.

  5. Page 71, caption of Figure 3.3: Should say "Example of ESD damage in an MOS protection device."

  6. Page 78, Figure 3.11: The symbol for the pnp transistor T1 needs to be corrected. The arrow should be on the upper lead and should point downward.

  7. Page 80, 1st paragraph, line 4, "it self" should be "itself".

  8. Page 94, in part (a), line 12, "though" should be "through".

  9. Page 106, 2nd paragraph, last sentence: Should be changed to "Maximum current requirements are of the order of 1MA/cm$^2$, although it ...".

  10. Page 208: the second equation from the top is not exact, but is an approximation. The approximation given in the line right below it, called Benard's approximation, is preferrable in practice.

  11. Page 213, Figure 5.13: Mysterious "O" character above cdf line should not be there.

  12. Page 216, in the last displayed equation (with 1-0.95 on right hand side): The "+" sign between the two terms on the left hand side should be a "-".

  13. Page 234, in the equation for the lower limit p_L on the Bernoulli parameter p, the first argument of the function F_{1-\alpha/2}() in the denominator should be 2n-2Y+2, not 2n-Y+2.

  14. Page 247, 2nd line of last paragraph: "time-to-failure histogram" should be "strength histogram".

  15. Page 252, caption of Figure 5.25: "qith" should be "with".

  16. Page 254, last line: "random the" should be "the random".

  17. Page 308, caption of Figure 8.2: Should be changed to "... indicated by the dark spots in the image."

  18. Page 312, caption of Figure 8.4: "cradis" should be "cracks".

  19. Page 341, in the subject index: Entry for "Estimator, unbiased" has no page numbers.

  20. Page 341, in the subject index: Entry for "Extrinsic mechanisms" should not end with a comma.