Climate skeptics 2002 letter to Canadian PM Jean Chretien

posted by Jim Prall, Toronto, Canada

I downloaded this list of signers from the 2002 open letter '02.11.25-letter%20to%20chretien%20from%20scientists.html' to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien from 30 scientists, which had been hosted on That site is currently unresponsive (2009-09-29 - it returns a blank green page), and the copy of the letter on the NRSP site was not archived at (usually a lifesaver when links get broken). However, another site's copy of the letter is archived here.

For the record, I'm posting this text, consisting of the names and affiliations of the signers of the letter. The text of the statement is also preserved at the archived link above.

These signers are noted on my List of climate authors and signers of climate declarations using the tag CA02.