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 The following faculty members pursue research related to software systems: The following faculty members pursue research related to software systems:
-  * Distributed systems: ​Christiana ​Amza, Hans-Arno Jacobsen +  * Distributed systems: ​[[http://​​~amza/​|Cristiana ​Amza]][[http://​​~jacobsen/​|Hans-Arno Jacobsen]] 
-  * Middleware: Hans-Arno Jacobsen +  * Middleware: ​[[http://​​~jacobsen/​|Hans-Arno Jacobsen]] 
-  * Quality-of-service provisioning:​ Baochun Li +  * Quality-of-service provisioning: ​[[http://​​bli/​|Baochun Li]] 
-  * Operating systems: Ashvin Goel, David Lie, Michael Stumm, Ding Yuan +  * Operating systems: ​[[http://​​~ashvin/​|Ashvin Goel]][[https://​​|David Lie]][[http://​​~stumm/​|Michael Stumm]][[http://​​~yuan/​Home.html|Ding Yuan]] 
-  * Secure systems: Ashvin Goel, David Lie+  * Secure systems: ​[[http://​​~ashvin/​|Ashvin Goel]][[https://​​|David Lie]] 
 +  * Program verification and debug: [[http://​​~yuan/​Home.html|Ding Yuan]]