Guidelines for Tutorial Proposals

A tutorial's basic purpose is to give a deeper or more covering insight into its area than a conventional lecture would do. That is why it extends over a half day. This gives the speaker better possibilities to structure the tutorial in a proper manner.

If you think that you are highly experienced in a certain middleware-related area and that others could benefit from sharing this experience with you, you should submit a proposal.

What should a proposal look like?

To make the evaluation process easier, please write your proposal according to the following scheme. Proposals adhering to this form will be truly preferred. We prefer to receive proposals in PDF-format submitted via electronic mail.







Required experience

Expected audience

Speaker's profile

Tutorial resume



What should a tutorial look like?

If you never presented a tutorial before here are some suggestions that may help you in preparing your presentation.


Slides and notes



Travel costs (airfare to Toronto plus 1 night of accommodation) will be covered by the conference. A small honorarium may also be paid, although this will be subject to the conference making a profit.

Additional information

The earlier a proposal arrives, the better the chances to get feedback in order to bring the proposal into a form that is likely to be accepted. For additional questions or clarification, or for your suggestions, please feel free to contact the Middleware 2004 Tutorials Chair Stefan Tai