WoSPS: Workshop on Soft Processor Systems

In conjunction with the
The Seventeenth International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT)
Sunday/26 of October 2008 (1:30pm)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Processors implemented in programmable logic, called soft processors, are becoming increasingly important in both industry and academia. FPGA-based processors provide an easy way for software programmers to target FPGAs without having to write hardware-description language---hence designers of FPGA-based embedded systems are increasingly including soft processors in their designs. Soft processors will also likely play an important role in FPGA-based co-processors for high-performance computing. Furthermore, academics are embracing FPGA-based processors as the foundation of systems for faster architectural simulation. In all cases, we need to develop a deeper understanding of processor and multiprocessor architecture for this new medium.

This workshop will serve as a forum for academia and industry to discuss and present challenges, ideas, and recent developments in soft processors, soft multiprocessors, application-specific soft processors, and soft-processor-based accelerators and architectural simulation platforms.

Call for Papers

Important Dates


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Final Program

Session 1: 1:30-3:00pm
Programming Soft Processors in High Performance Reconfigurable Computing (pdf),
Andrew W. H. House and Paul Chow, U of Toronto
Relocation of FPGA Partial Configuration Bit-Streams for Soft-Core Microprocessors (pdf),
Jeff Carver, Neil Pittman, Alessandro Forin, Microsoft Research
Automatic Generation of Interrupt-Aware Hardware Accelerators with the M2V Compiler (pdf),
Abilash Sekar* and Alessandro Forin**, *Georgia Institute of Technology, **Microsoft Research

Session 2: 3:20-5:00pm
Improving Memory System Performance for Soft Vector Processors (pdf),
Peter Yiannacouras, J. Gregory Steffan, and Jonathan Rose, U of Toronto
On Transparently Exploiting Data-level Parallelism on Soft-processors (pdf),
Bojan Mihajlovic, Zeljko Zilic, and Warren Gross, McGill (short talk)
Challenges in Compilation of Brook Streaming Programs for FPGAs (pdf),
Franjo Plavec, Zvonko Vranesic, and Stephen Brown, U of Toronto (short talk)
A GPU-Like Soft Processor for High Throughput Acceleration (pdf),
Jeffrey Kingyens and J. Gregory Steffan, U of Toronto (short talk)


Kubilay Atasu, IBM
Steve Brown, Toronto/Altera
Guy Lemieux, UBC
Wayne Luk, Imperial College
Naraig Manjikian, Queens
Mazen Saghir, AUB
Greg Steffan, Toronto (Organizer)