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Old Announcements

  • 2/10 -- Reminder that on Tuesday October 6 class meets at MS-2172 (see below under co urse information)
  • 1/10 -- The expression in Q2 of HW2 was wrong. Please see the latest version.
  • 29/9 -- There will be a tutorial on Thursday October 8, 6:00pm - 8:30pm.
  • 27/9 -- Clarifications for HW1: a) in Q2, the sub-sequences do no need to consist of elements that appear next to each other in the original sequence.
    b) in Q1, when applying the logarithm function first and then taking limits, only the 0 and INF limits imply Big-Oh and Big-Omega, respectively. A constant limit is no t conclusive.
    However, if you don't apply the logarithm function, then all three cases impl y the bounds that we discussed in tutorial.
  • 27/9 -- HW2 is now posted and is due October 15.
  • 26/9 -- HW1 is extended by one day and will be due Thursday October 1 by 6pm at the E CE 1762 box. The box is located just next to SFB560 (Sandford Flemming basement).
  • 21/9 -- Midterm will take place on Thursday November 5, 6:00pm - 8:30pm (dur ing regular class hours).
  • 18/9 -- Tutorial next Thursday Sept 24 during normal lecture hours. Discussion about HW1 and some problems on the background material.
  • 12/9 -- IMPORTANT: Lecture rooms have changed. See below.
  • 10/9 -- Welcome to ECE-1762! Course Information is now available. HW1 will be upload ed soon.

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