Projects Videos and Reports

This page contains the final presentations and reports for many of the projects that were done in ECE 1778 in the January-April 2011 version of the course.  Some projects have been withheld at the request of the students involved.  Many thanks to Harpreet Dhariwal, from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering,  for filming and editing the video presentations given below.

iAnkle- Assisted Physiotherapy for Ankle Injuries Video _ Report

Wound Capture  - Documenting Wound Care Assessment and Treatment  Video Report

My City Fixer  - Mobile City Problem Reporting   Video _ Report

BrainEX  - Brain Exercise to Combat Dementia   Video _ Report

RideLet  - Carpooling Signup and Tracking   Video _ Report

Shoptimus Prime  - Mobile Shopping Optimization   Video _ Report

iPoll  - Audience Polling through Hand Voting   Video _ Report

QuizMarket  - Collecting Market Research Data   Video _ Report

WhIMPeR  - World Noise Mapping Project   Video _ Report

MRI Visualizer  - 3D Viewing of MRI Volumes   Video _ Report

ARIES  - Paintball Robot Target and Control   Video _ Report

Aerospace Sensor Suite  - Multi-Sensor Path Tracking   Video _ Report

iMosaic  - On-Phone Photo Mosaicing   Video _ Report

Laser3  - Multi-Player Video Game   Video _ Report

gTrip  - Measuring Sustainability of Trips   Video _ Report

Apollo  - Solar Measurement for Solar Panel Costing   Video _ Report

MayDay  - Help in Emergencies   Video _ Report

United4Iran  - Advocacy, Fundraising & Communication for Helping Iran   Report

Network Pulse - Network  - Measuring the Internet Part 1   Video _ Report

Network Pulse - UI  - Measuring the Internet Part 2   Video _ Report