Projects and Videos

These are most of the projects created in the 2015 version of this course.  Below you will find a video, a link to the final report, and in some cases, a link to the software repository of the project as well as any other relevant links for that project.

MyACL - Recovery Plan for ACL Reconstruction Surgery

PUPL - Neurological Assessment through Pupil Reflex Measurement

Peptiblocks - Protein Folding Game

Ergo - Ergonomic Video Watching for Kids


ChemoBrain - Monitoring Effects of Chemotherapy

Stegosaurus - Steganographic Encryption

Footprints - Exploring Landscapes in the City

Standby Home - Optimizing Home Heating While Away

Audiobookclub - Book Club with Audio

Focus - Getting Tasks Done with Good Posture

Robot Security - A Robot that Watches over You

Eye Exam - An Eye Chart Test