Project Videos, Reports, Code

Practice Cactus - Piano Playing Student Encouragement and Connection to Teacher.   Final Report.  Related Ph.D. Thesis

ASD Playdate - Helping Autistic Children Find Compatible Playmates and to Structure Their Play.   Final Report.

Journey - Measurement of Walking Gait Variability for Diagnosis and Research.   Final Report.  Source Code.  GitHub.  Related M.A.Sc. Thesis

Graph Master - Teaching Children Line Graphing and Science.   Final Report.

MIToc - Conversational Help for Opioid Addiction.  

Flip The Script - Teaching Language with Dual-Language Books.   Final Report.

CardiACT - Bystander Aid for Emergency Cardiac Arrest.   Final Report.

Apt To Learn - Help Theatre Patrons Learn about Play.   Final Report.

Simplify Finance - Budgeting, Planning and Guiding Personal Financials.   Final Report.

Roam Game - Game to Measure Intolerance of Uncertainty for Use in Anxiety/Depression Diagnosis.   Final Report.

Dobs - Dementia Observation Support.   Final Report. Source Code.

My Sung Russian - Support for Opera Singing in Russian for non-speakers of Russian.   Final Report.  Source Code.

ROUNDS - Monitoring of Non-Critical Patients in a Hospital.   Final Report.

Gallery Composer - Supporting Art Historians in Collecting Research Data.   Final Report.

M3 - Using and Measuring How Meditation Can Help Cognition.   Final Report.  Source Code.

Mobile Perimeter - Enhancing Tablet-Based Measurement of Visual Field.   Final Report.

On My Feet - Helping Seniors Recover through Therapy Tracking.   Final Report.

PodCuts - Creating Excerpts of Podcasts for Social Media Sharing.   Final Report.

Safe Medicare - Helping Seniors Take Medication with Help From Family.   Final Report.  Source Code.

MoniToddler - Monitoring of Patients in non-critical Scenarios.   Final Report.

HowBumpy - Measuring Bumpiness of Speed Bumps.   Final Report.  Source Code.

Flip Finance - Teaching Finance in High School.   Final Report.

Helping Hand - Training Children’s Arm/Hand with Weakness to Do Tasks in Game    Final Report.

SuperFit - Help Choosing Weight to Train With.   Final Report.