My research goal is to explore ways that software and digital hardware can be used to automate medicine.  The focus has been around psychiatry and psychology, but has also included physiotherapy.  This is a new area for me, and so the projects are just ramping up, and I’m learning a lot from my collaborators.   You can see the list of projects in this area, under the Centre for Automation of Medicine.

I am interested in working with new graduate students in this area.  If you plan to contact me about working in this new and exciting area, please take the time to describe how your background, interests and capability align with this goal. This should include some sense of your software literacy, and the larger-scale software projects you have undertaken, together with your interest in the above topics.


My previous research field, for which I am no longer seeking graduate students, was concerned with Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Architecture, CAD, and applications, described here:

FPGA Architecture


Field-Programmable Systems and Applications

Soft Scalar Processor

Soft Vector Processor

Automatic VLSI Layout of FPGAs

Synthetic Benchmark Generation