ECE334 Laboratory - Spring 2011

The first document you should read is the lab notes.

You should then download all the individual labs:

Lab0   Lab1     Lab2     Lab3     Lab4

In addition, there is a tutorial for MAX and SUE that you

will do in Lab0.

MAX tutorial     SUE tutorial

You will also need need FA.max and FA.sue

and g25.mod

The schedule for the lab is ...

Labs are every bi-weekly (every second week)

PRA     01     Tue   9am-noon     GB243     (starts Jan 25)

PRA     02     Thu   9am-noon     GB243     (starts Jan 20)

PRA     03     Thu   3-6pm           GB243     (starts Jan 20)

Section Day Time Lab0 Lab1 Lab2 Lab3 Lab4
PRA01 Tue 9-12 Jan 25 Feb 8 Mar 1 Mar 15 Mar 29
PRA02 Thu 9-12 Jan 20 Feb 3 Feb 17 Mar 10 Mar 24
PRA03 Thu 3-6pm Jan 20 Feb 3 Feb 17 Mar 10 Mar 24

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