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EDK, Xilinx Multimedia Board and Xilinx Virtex-II Pro Development Board
In support of users of the Xilinx EDK tools and the Xilinx Multimedia and Virtex-II Pro development boards, material is available at The material is mainly directed towards students in ECE532S, but should be helpful to most EDK beginners. There are also design trees from past projects at the ECE532S site.

Courses for 2011-2012

* ECE532S-2012 Digital Systems Design
* ECE1373S-2012 Digital Design for Systems-on-Chip

Old Courses and Previous Home Pages

* ECE1373S-2011 Digital Design for Systems-on-Chip
* ECE1373S-2010 Digital Design for Systems-on-Chip
* ECE1373S-2009 Digital Design for Systems-on-Chip
* ECE1373S-2008 Digital Design for Systems-on-Chip
* ECE1373S-2005 VLSI Systems Design

* ECE1373S-2004 VLSI Systems Design

* ECE1373S-2003 VLSI Systems Design

* ECE532S-2011 Digital Systems Design
* ECE532S-2010 Digital Systems Design
* ECE532S-2009 Digital Systems Design
* ECE532S-2008 Digital Systems Design
* ECE532S-2007 Digital Systems Design
* ECE532S-2005 Digital Hardware
* ECE532S-2004 Digital Hardware

* ECE452F-2009 Computer Architecture
* ECE452F-2008 Computer Architecture
* ECE452F-2007 Computer Architecture
* ECE452F-2006 Computer Architecture

* ECE352F-2004 Computer Organization
* ECE352F-1999 Computer Organization

* ECE352F-1998 Computer Organization

* ECE352F-1997 Computer Organization

* ECE253F-2003 Digital and Computer Systems

* APS105F-1997 Computer Fundamentals

* APS105F-1996 Computer Fundamentals

* ECE1718F-1996 Special Topics in Computer Hardware Design: Hardware and Software for Reconfigurable Computing Systems

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