Authors of Report from so-called 'Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change'

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Notes column tinted this colour for signers of these 'activist' statements:
SCS03: 2003 'State of Climate Science' letter from 1011 scientists to U.S. congress (81 tagged)
CMOS06: 2006 statement from 120 scientists at the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (all tagged)
CMOS08: 2008 statement from 130 scientists at the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (all tagged)
RealClimate 'activist' website by ten climate scientists, founded 2004
noSw07: April 2007 letter from 37 scientists to Martin Durkin protesting inaccurate portrayal of climate science in his film The Great Global Warming Swindle (all tagged)
Bali07: 2007 appeal letter by 212 scientists from 25 countries, to delegates at the Bali climate talks (all tagged)
CCSP08: 2008 Assessment Report from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program [10 authors tagged so far; not a petition/declaration]
UCS08: 2008 Union of Concerned Scientists' declaration from 1700 U.S. scientists and economists (165 tagged)
Monaco09: Jan. 2009 Monaco Declaration on ocean acidification from 155 ocean scientists from 26 countries (152 tagged)
CLI09June 2009 Open letter to Obama and Congress calling for agressive action on climate change; signed by 20 scientists (all listed)
UKsc09: Dec. 2009 'Statement from the UK science community' re-affirming climate change science and data after East Anglia email break-in, signed by 1700 UK scientists from 67 universities and 55 other institutions (106 listed, 2010-1-17).
Notes column tinted this colour for signers of these 'skeptic' statements
SEPP92 1992 'Statement by Atmospheric Scientists on Greenhouse Warming' from the 'Science and Environment Policy Project', 46 signers
LZ95: 1995 'Leipzig Declaration' organized by Fred Singer, signed by 80 scientists and 25 weathermen
CA02: 2002 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Jean Chretien
CA03: 2003 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Paul Martin
CA06: 2006 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Stephen Harper
UN07: 2007 skeptics letter to U.N. Sec. General Ban Ki-Moon
TGGWS: 2007 TV film The Great Global Warming Swindle interviewees
NIPCC: 2008 Heartland Inst. document Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate, ed. S. Fred Singer, 24 listed contributors
MHND: 2008 'Manhattan Declaration' from skeptics' conference in NYC
Cato09: 2009 newspaper ad by the Cato Institute challenging President Obama's stance on climate change; 115 signers
APS09: 2009 Petition to the American Physical Society to amend their statement on climage change
CCC09: 2009 'Copenhagen Climate Challenge' 158 signers
LISTS column tinted this colour for names who did not sign any skeptic declarations, yet are included on a list of 'skeptic' names by someone else:
JIMM08: Named on 2008 list from U.S. Sen. James Inhofe's staffer Marc Morano
LSDeniers: Profiled in Lawrence Solomons's 2006-7 'The Deniers' column series in Canada's National Post
LISTS column tinted this colour for someone who did sign one of the above skeptic statements, and is also included on a list of 'skeptic' names by someone else.

Some major compilations

I've also tagged authors included in a few major compilations of climate science articles. These are not petitions or calls for action, but further illustrate the author's standing in the literature.For details on these declarations and how I've annotated for them, see notes on open letters

Names are sorted in descending order of number of published works that match the word 'climate' in Google Scholar. This total could include non-refereed pieces such as commentary, editorials, or letters to the editor. (Note that citation stats were collected by hand, over a few months, so exact order might vary slightly as papers continue to gain citations as time passes.)

Anyone working in the field of climate science should have a significant number of hits on this search. The median number for IPCC wg1 authors is 93 articles; for all of the roughly 1800 authors I've checked up to July 2009, including skeptics, the median is 56. For the 386 names I've checked so far who were signers of a climate skeptics' statement, the median is two (2).

70% of the skeptics have fewer than 10 published works that mentions of climate and 60% have fewer than five. At the top of the rankings, there are 25 skeptics who have more than the overall median of 56 works mentioning 'climate', and just 12 above the IPCC median of 93.

In the overall list, there are 908 names with 56 or more works mentioning climate, and 593 names with at least 93 works. In this light, self-declared skeptics make up only 2.75% of the first group, or 2.03% of the second.

Mouse over column heading for explanation

Rank hereNotesListsName (homepage)NAT.PhD yearIPCCGS queriesmost cites2nd most3rd most4th mostClimate totalWikipedia?Areas of researchAffiliation
1SEPP92 CA02 CA03 UN07 MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 CCC09JIMM08307: Sherwood Idso1968 All PAPS CLIM 275242228189 163 WP? W.P? evaporation, plants, forecastsex of USDA, Arizona State U
2SEPP92 LZ95 CA02 CA03 CA06 TGGWS UN07 MHND NIPCC08 APS09JIMM08562: S Frederick Singer, FAGU1948 All PAPS CLIM 56343331 110 WP? W.P? Skeptic of: AGW, CFC-ozone link, 2nd-hand smokeformer director, US NWS, emeritus prof. U Virginia
3CA02 CA03 CA06 MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM08769: George Taylor1974 MSc All PAPS CLIM 170922525 85 WP? W.P? regional climate of Oregon; data setsemeritus, ex of Oregon State U
4LZ95 UN07 MHND Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM08817: Anthony R Lupo1995 All PAPS CLIM 46383528 80 WP? W.P? blocking anticyclonesU Missouri, Columbia, MO
5UN07 MHND Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09LSDeniers JIMM08833: William M Gray1964 All PAPS CLIM 370361242210 78 WP? W.P? hurricaneshead of Tropical Met Project, Colorado State U
6NZCSC CA06 UN07 MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09LSDeniers JIMM081086: Robert M Carter1968 All PAPS CLIM 59574925 57 WP? W.P? sediments, SW PacificJames Cook University
7CA02 CA03 CA06 UN07 MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM081325: Madhav Khandekar1950s All PAPS CLIM 84493028 40 WP? W.P? ENSO effect on Canadaformer research scientist, Env. Canada
8APS09 NIPCC09 1416: Nicola Scafetta__ All PAPS CLIM 53482928 34 WP? W.P? chaos theory, statisticsDuke U, Raleigh, NC
9UN07 MHND NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM081431: Don J EasterbrookPhD All PAPS CLIM 79696231 33 WP? W.P? paleo, sedimentary coresWestern Washington U
10CA02 CA03 UN07 MHND Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM081594: Craig D Idso1998 All PAPS CLIM 43292220 24 WP? W.P? temp recordsHeartland Institute
11CA03 CA06 UN07 MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 CCC09JIMM081663: Lee C GerhardPhD All PAPS CLIM 151096 21 WP? W.P? petroleum explorationemeritus, U Kansas
12UN07 NIPCC08 NIPCC09 1664: Olavi KarnerPhD All PAPS CLIM 111055 21 WP? W.P? clouds, negative feedbacksToravere U, Estonia
13CA03 CA06 UN07 MHND NIPCC08 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM081711: William KininmonthMSc All PAPS CLIM 1312105 18 WP? W.P? Australia temp trendsformer head, AU Natl Climate Centre
14LZ95 CA03 CA06 UN07 MHND NIPCC08 NIPCC09 CCC09LSDeniers JIMM081750: Zbigniew Jaworowski1963 All PAPS CLIM 34332119 15 WP? W.P? radioactivity risks, isotopesCentral Lab for Radiological Protection, Warsaw
15Cato09 NIPCC09 1766: Richard A Keen__ All PAPS CLIM 67272514 14 WP? W.P? modeling, circulationlecturer, U Colorado
16MHND NIPCC09 CCC09 1799: H Michael Mogilno cv All PAPS CLIM 48151210 12 WP? W.P? weather education for childrenweather educator, Naples, FL
17CA03 CA06 UN07 MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM081804: Richard S CourtneyPhD All PAPS CLIM 2110 12 WP? W.P? questions climate scienceconsultant
18NIPCC09 1821: Harrison H Schmitt1964 All PAPS CLIM 16151413 11 WP? W.P? astronaut, geology 
19MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 NIPCC09 1826: Gerd-Rainer Weber__ All PAPS CLIM 171688 11 WP? W.P? Regional climate, GermanyGerman Coal Mining Association
20Cato09 NIPCC09 1827: Kesten C Green2003 All PAPS CLIM 4816136 11 WP? W.P? forecastingRes Fellow, Monash U, Melbourne
21Cato09 NIPCC09 1834: J Scott Armstrong1968 All PAPS CLIM 2899538271238 10 WP? W.P? market research, surveys, advertisingU Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
22NIPCC08 NIPCC09 1844: Dennis Averyno cv All PAPS CLIM 110161412 10 WP? W.P? food policy against organic farming(no academic career) Hudson Institute, Washington, DC
23UN07 MHND NIPCC08 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM081889: Fred Goldberg1975 All PAPS CLIM 3111 8 WP? W.P? mech eng - thermal cuttingconsultant, plasma cutting; not employed at Royal Inst. Of Tech
24UN07 NIPCC08 MHND NIPCC09JIMM081913: Dick ThoenesPhD All PAPS CLIM 63262320 6 WP? W.P? chem eng, lasersemeritus, ex of U of Technology, NL
25UN07 MHND NIPCC08 NIPCC09LSDeniers JIMM081914: Tom SegalstadPhD All PAPS CLIM 23181212 6 WP? W.P? minerology, petrologyU Oslo
26NZCSC CA03 CA06 UN07 MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09LSDeniers JIMM081938: Vincent R Gray1946 All PAPS CLIM 261572 5 WP? W.P? coal, lumberemeritus, ex of Colorado State U
27NIPCC08 APS09 NIPCC09 1943: Franco Battaglia__ All PAPS CLIM 24300 5 WP? W.P? env chemistryU Bologna
28NIPCC08 NIPCC09 1944: Sir Christopher Monckton__ All PAPS CLIM 2000 5 WP? W.P? disputing climate sensitivityno academic affiliation
29CA06 UN07 NIPCC08 NIPCC09JIMM081966: Hans HJ LabohmPhD All PAPS CLIM 4332 4 WP? W.P? polders; critique of Kyoto Accordeconomist, former advisor to the executive board, Clingendael Institute
30NIPCC09 1988: Joseph L BastBA All PAPS CLIM 23201614 3 WP? W.P? conservative economicsPresident and CEO, Heartland Institute, Chicago, IL
31NIPCC09 2087: David L Hagen1982 All PAPS CLIM 8743 1 WP? W.P? combustion engineering, alternative energyVAST Power Systems,
32NIPCC08 NIPCC09 2093: Klaus Heiss__ All PAPS CLIM 5522 1 WP? W.P? economics, defense, moon condos(non-academic) Frontier Foundation
33TGGWS MHND Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM082104: Piers CorbynMSc All PAPS CLIM 2100 1 WP? W.P? meteorologyindep. Weather forecaster (no academic career)
34MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09 2105: Joseph S D'Aleo1970 MSc All PAPS CLIM 6100 1 WP? W.P? no academic work since MSc thesis 
35UN07 NIPCC08 MHND NIPCC09JIMM082120: Lubos MotlPhD All PAPS CLIM 344228170150 0 WP? W.P? string theory (not climate related)Charles U, Prague
36NIPCC09 2127: Stephen J Murgatroyd1987 All PAPS CLIM 129795547 0 WP? W.P? educational theory
37Cato09 NIPCC09 2154: Howard D MaccabeeMD PhD 1996 All PAPS CLIM 39121212 0 WP? W.P? ionizing radiationUCSF; Stanford; Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
38NIPCC08 2227: R Warren Anderson__ All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? (no academic work found)(no academic career) Hudson Institute, Washington, DC
39NIPCC08 NIPCC09 2254: Kenneth Haapala__ All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? (no academic work found)former President, Philosophical Society of Washington, DC
40NIPCC08 Cato09 NIPCC09 2289: Anton Uriarteno web All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? (no academic work found?)U of the Basque Country

Compiled by Jim Prall, Toronto, Canada, Nov. 2008 - present