Most-Cited U.K. Authors on Climate Science

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U.K. climate scientists and activists

This table shows British authors and those working in the U.K. who have either published in areas dealing with climate science, and/or have signed a public declaration or open letter on the issue of climate policy.
The table includes notations showing what statements an author has signed, out of a number of open letters and petitions that I have tabulated, including a number of both "activist" and "skeptic" statements.

The U.K. is home to several leading climate research centres. The Tyndall Centre, Hadley Centre and the U.K. Met. Office employ numerous climate scientists and modelers. These experts as a rule do not have an individual home page within the centre's site (presumably as a matter of policy.) In lieu of such a page, I've linked to the best I can find on the web describing that author.
This is in sharp contrast to the pattern for university professors, for whom it is very uncommon not to have an individual page showing their area of specialization and research, their publications, CV, courses taught, etc. For this reason several leading UK scientists who work at the major climate research centres have no link and often lack details such as date of PhD or highest degree.
After the posting of the stolen email data from the University of East Anglia in the fall of 2009, this Dec. 2009 statement defending the integrity of climate science was signed by 1700 U.K. scientists, from 67 universities and 55 other institutions.
We, members of the UK science community, have the utmost confidence in the observational evidence for global warming and the scientific basis for concluding that it is due primarily to human activities. The evidence and the science are deep and extensive. They come from decades of painstaking and meticulous research, by many thousands of scientists across the world who adhere to the highest levels of professional integrity. That research has been subject to peer review and publication, providing traceability of the evidence and support for the scientific method.
I've tagged 106 names on my list who signed this statement [2010-02]

Notes column tinted this colour for signers of these 'activist' statements:
SCS03: 2003 'State of Climate Science' letter from 1011 scientists to U.S. congress (81 tagged)
CMOS06: 2006 statement from 120 scientists at the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (all tagged)
CMOS08: 2008 statement from 130 scientists at the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (all tagged)
RealClimate 'activist' website by ten climate scientists, founded 2004
noSw07: April 2007 letter from 37 scientists to Martin Durkin protesting inaccurate portrayal of climate science in his film The Great Global Warming Swindle (all tagged)
Bali07: 2007 appeal letter by 212 scientists from 25 countries, to delegates at the Bali climate talks (all tagged)
CCSP08: 2008 Assessment Report from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program [10 authors tagged so far; not a petition/declaration]
UCS08: 2008 Union of Concerned Scientists' declaration from 1700 U.S. scientists and economists (165 tagged)
Monaco09: Jan. 2009 Monaco Declaration on ocean acidification from 155 ocean scientists from 26 countries (152 tagged)
CLI09June 2009 Open letter to Obama and Congress calling for agressive action on climate change; signed by 20 scientists (all listed)
UKsc09: Dec. 2009 'Statement from the UK science community' re-affirming climate change science and data after East Anglia email break-in, signed by 1700 UK scientists from 67 universities and 55 other institutions (106 listed, 2010-1-17).
Notes column tinted this colour for signers of these 'skeptic' statements
SEPP92 1992 'Statement by Atmospheric Scientists on Greenhouse Warming' from the 'Science and Environment Policy Project', 46 signers
LZ95: 1995 'Leipzig Declaration' organized by Fred Singer, signed by 80 scientists and 25 weathermen
CA02: 2002 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Jean Chretien
CA03: 2003 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Paul Martin
CA06: 2006 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Stephen Harper
UN07: 2007 skeptics letter to U.N. Sec. General Ban Ki-Moon
TGGWS: 2007 TV film The Great Global Warming Swindle interviewees
NIPCC: 2008 Heartland Inst. document Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate, ed. S. Fred Singer, 24 listed contributors
MHND: 2008 'Manhattan Declaration' from skeptics' conference in NYC
Cato09: 2009 newspaper ad by the Cato Institute challenging President Obama's stance on climate change; 115 signers
APS09: 2009 Petition to the American Physical Society to amend their statement on climage change
CCC09: 2009 'Copenhagen Climate Challenge' 158 signers
LISTS column tinted this colour for names who did not sign any skeptic declarations, yet are included on a list of 'skeptic' names by someone else:
JIMM08: Named on 2008 list from U.S. Sen. James Inhofe's staffer Marc Morano
LSDeniers: Profiled in Lawrence Solomons's 2006-7 'The Deniers' column series in Canada's National Post
LISTS column tinted this colour for someone who did sign one of the above skeptic statements, and is also included on a list of 'skeptic' names by someone else.

Some major compilations

I've also tagged authors included in a few major compilations of climate science articles. These are not petitions or calls for action, but further illustrate the author's standing in the literature.For details on these declarations and how I've annotated for them, see notes on open letters

Names are sorted in descending order of number of published works that match the word 'climate' in Google Scholar. This total could include non-refereed pieces such as commentary, editorials, or letters to the editor. (Note that citation stats were collected by hand, over a few months, so exact order might vary slightly as papers continue to gain citations as time passes.)

Anyone working in the field of climate science should have a significant number of hits on this search. The median number for IPCC wg1 authors is 93 articles; for all of the roughly 1800 authors I've checked up to July 2009, including skeptics, the median is 56. For the 386 names I've checked so far who were signers of a climate skeptics' statement, the median is two (2).

70% of the skeptics have fewer than 10 published works that mentions of climate and 60% have fewer than five. At the top of the rankings, there are 25 skeptics who have more than the overall median of 56 works mentioning 'climate', and just 12 above the IPCC median of 93.

In the overall list, there are 908 names with 56 or more works mentioning climate, and 593 names with at least 93 works. In this light, self-declared skeptics make up only 2.75% of the first group, or 2.03% of the second.

Mouse over column heading for explanation

Rank hereNotesListsName (homepage)NAT.PhD yearIPCCGS queriesmost cites2nd most3rd most4th mostClimate totalWikipedia?Areas of researchAffiliation
1noSw07 CLI09 UKsc09 1: Sir John T Houghton, CBE, FRS1955AR2,3 Co-ChairAll PAPS CLIM 250416871223669 890 WP? W.P? atmospheric physics, sensingOxford U (emeritus)
2  2: Michael Hulme, FRMS1985 All PAPS CLIM 1223569481435 728 WP? W.P? climate data assimilationfounding Director and visiting Fellow, Tyndall Ctr
3  3: Matthew CollinsPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 568328311183 726 WP? W.P? modeling, variabilityUKMO Hadley Ctr and U East Anglia, Norwich
4noSw07C&O SciBytes#94: Philip D Jones, FRMS, FAGU1977AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 581580517461 724 WP? W.P? surface temp trends, NAO, SOUniversity of East Anglia, Norwich
5noSw07 UKsc09 7: Stephan HarrisonPhD All PAPS CLIM 833217207165 648 WP? W.P? LGM, dust, monsoons, glaciersU Exeter
6  16: Jason LowePhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 435341202100 508 WP? W.P? marine aerosols, SST increaseHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
7UKsc09ESI01#1 ESI06#141: John FB Mitchell, FRS1973AR1-3 AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 717530468455 332 WP? W.P? SST, forcingsChief Scientist, Hadley Centre, Met Office, UK
8 ESI01#2547: David Pollard, FAGU1979 All PAPS CLIM 383350159144 323 WP? W.P? biosphere carbon modelPenn State U
9  48: Chris Gordonno cv All PAPS CLIM 936179163160 320 WP? W.P? modeling, carbon cycleHadley Centre, Met Office, UK
10UKsc09 58: Robert J NichollsPhDAR2,3All PAPS CLIM 22412310890 309 WP? W.P? sea level rise, flooding, adaptationU Southampton
11noSw07 UKsc09 66: Myles R AllenDPhilAR4 wg1 leadAll PAPS CLIM 1163318269256 291 WP? W.P? forcings, attributionAOPP, U Oxford
12UKsc09 69: Christopher FollandCphysAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 555374188180 289 WP? W.P? SSTs, NAOHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
13UKsc09 84: Gareth J Marshall1995AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 961088976 274 WP? W.P? Southern Annular ModeBritish Antarctic Survey, UK
14 C&O86: Sir Nicholas J Shackleton1967 All PAPS CLIM 1056904676601 272 WP? W.P? paleo, orbital pacemaker, isotopesdeceased, late of Cambridge U
15noSw07 92: Chris Freeman1990 All PAPS CLIM 2071329135 268 WP? W.P? soil carbonU Wales, Bangor
16noSw07 UKsc09 96: Paul Valdes1984 Dphil All PAPS CLIM 2421399979 264 WP? W.P? paleoclimate, storm tracksU Bristol
17SotP09 UKsc09ESI01#1797: Jonathan M Gregory1990AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 815530508467 263 WP? W.P? modeling, sensitivityU. Reading / Hadley Ctr
18  118: Hubert H Lamb1930s MSc All PAPS CLIM 928693305213 247 WP? W.P? historical climate, MWPdeceased 1997, late of UKMO, U East Anglia
19 C&O130: Keith R Briffa1984AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 356281273250 236 WP? W.P? tree rings, temperature historyUniversity of East Anglia, Norwich
20UKsc09 144: Nigel Arnell198_AR4 wg2All PAPS CLIM 223163143138 226 WP? W.P? limits to adaptationU Reading, UK
21noSw07 UCS08 152: Nicholas R White1984 All PAPS CLIM 495405331285 220 WP? W.P? malaria, tropical diseases, climateU Oxford
22Bali07 UKsc09 168: Richard P Allan1997?AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 58330914672 212 WP? W.P? model validationESSC, U Reading
23UKsc09 169: Mark NewPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 567493393207 211 WP? W.P? variability, assimilationCentre for the Environment, University of Oxford, UK
24  176: Keith Shine, FRS1980sAR2 leadAll PAPS CLIM 308215193113 209 WP? W.P? radiative forcingsOxford U, U Reading
25  180: David J Griggsno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 11701312925 208 WP? W.P? aviation impact on climateMonash U, Australia
26CCSP04 UKsc09 182: David E Parker1988AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 567557373351 207 WP? W.P? surface temp trendsHadley Centre for Climate Predictionand Research, Met Office, UK
27  189: Robert Marsh1999AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 77714948 206 WP? W.P? ocean model intercomparisonNational Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, UK
28UKsc09 197: Julia SlingoPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 379215177156 200 WP? W.P? Asian monsoon, variabilityU Reading; Chief Scientist--MetOffice
29  208: Hans F Graf1979 All PAPS CLIM 143959378 196 WP? W.P? Asian monsoonU Cambridge
30  210: Sarah CB Raper1978AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1170548402286 194 WP? W.P? modelingManchester Metropolitan University, UK
31  228: Rob Wilby1991AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 255179129122 188 WP? W.P? downscaling, modeling methodsEnvironment Agency of England and Wales, UK
32noSw07 253: Anson MacKay1992 All PAPS CLIM 55404024 181 WP? W.P? sediment analysisUniversity College, London
33  266: David Vaughan1982AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 207168121101 177 WP? W.P? GRADES glacial retreat in AntarcticaBritish Antarctic Survey, UK
34noSw07 UKsc09 267: Joanna HaighPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 35228612475 177 WP? W.P? solar forcing, GCRs, atm. PhysicsImperial College, London
35  282: Bruce A Callanderno web All PAPS CLIM 666344113103 172 WP? W.P? evaporation, plants, modelingUKMO, UK Ministry of Defense
36UKsc09ESI01#16293: Simon Tett1992AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 532471343245 167 WP? W.P? model initialization, validationHadley Centre, Met Office, UK
37noSw07 Bali07 314: Piers M de F Forsterno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 215855348 162 WP? W.P? tropical tropopause layerSchool of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, UK
38UKsc09 329: Timothy N Palmer, FRSPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 471269258200 157 WP? W.P? ECMWF, validationECMWF, UK
39  331: Peter Convey__ All PAPS CLIM 14991389364 157 WP? W.P? ecological response to climate changeBritish Antarctic Survey, Cambridge
40UKsc09 343: Doug M Smithno webAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 50463939 152 WP? W.P? ocean modeling, near-term forecastHadley Centre, Met Office, Exeter
41  357: Paul Palmer1998 All PAPS CLIM 167143129108 149 WP? W.P? atm chem, pollutants, remote sensingU Edinburgh
42UKsc09 370: Martin J Siegert1993 All PAPS CLIM 19115213795 147 WP? W.P? glaciers, ice capsU Bristol
43  375: Peter A Stottno cvAR4 wg1 leadAll PAPS CLIM 241195180135 145 WP? W.P? forcings, attributionHadley Centre; U Reading
44  391: Timothy J Osborn1995AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 238220183152 142 WP? W.P? tree rings, sensitivity, NAOUniverisity of East Anglia, Norwich
45Bali07 UKsc09 395: Diana LivermanPhD All PAPS CLIM 15910510399 141 WP? W.P? human impacts, adaptationEnv Change Inst., Oxford U
46noSw07 412: Harry Elderfield, FAGU1970 All PAPS CLIM 221215196173 137 WP? W.P? paleo, ocean tracersU Cambridge
47SotP09 UKsc09 422: Andrew Shepherd1998AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 73604434 136 WP? W.P? sea iceSchool of Geosciences, U Edinburgh, UK
48UKsc09 423: Stephen Sitch2000 All PAPS CLIM 600441295234 135 WP? W.P? BGC cycles, plants, modelingLeeds U
49UKsc09 430: Peter Read1976? All PAPS CLIM 202979155 134 WP? W.P? planetary physicsOxford U
50UKsc09 437: Philip WoodworthPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 37319810290 133 WP? W.P? sea level rise, tide modelingProudman Oceanographic Laboratory, UK
51noSw07 UKsc09ESI06#10446: Peter M Cox1992AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 880466239233 131 WP? W.P? ecosystem feedbacks, carbon cycle modelingUniversity of Exeter, UK
52  472: Julian A Dowdeswell1985 All PAPS CLIM 1761479479 126 WP? W.P? glaciersCambridge U
53UKsc09ESI01#4481: Timothy C Johnsno cv All PAPS CLIM 721531470202 124 WP? W.P? modeling, attributionHadley Ctr, Bracknell, UK
54noSw07* 486: John C KingPhD All PAPS CLIM 20219912176 123 WP? W.P? Antarctic climateBritish Antarctic Survey, UK
55UKsc09 491: James M Murphyno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 245255199155 122 WP? W.P? regional modeling - EuropeHadley Centre for Climate Prediction, and Research, Met Office, UK
56 C&O501: Kevin J Edwards1978 All PAPS CLIM 204185147100 121 WP? W.P? paleo record of volcanoesU Birmingham
57  506: Peter Liss, CBE, FRS1975 All PAPS CLIM 611556530454 120 WP? W.P? biogeochem, air-sea exch.U East Anglia, Norwich
58SCS03 Bali07 511: Andrew J Watson1978 All PAPS CLIM 555500459197 119 WP? W.P? phytoplankton, iron fertilizationU East Anglia, Norwich
59SCS03 UKsc09ESI06#13527: Richard A BettsPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1002508274213 115 WP? W.P? radiative forcing, GCMsUK Hadley Centre
60UKsc09 533: Richard G Jonesno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 88564443 115 WP? W.P? regional modeling, EuropeHadley Centre, U Reading
61UKsc09 540: Ruth M Doherty1994 All PAPS CLIM 219785134 113 WP? W.P? vegetation, modelingU East Anglia, Norwich
62UKsc09 549: David J FramePhD All PAPS CLIM 326898660 112 WP? W.P? climate sensitivityOxford U
63UKsc09 557: William Ingramlink?AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 264246195162 110 WP? W.P? climate predictionHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
64UKsc09 559: Chris Huntingford__ All PAPS CLIM 1831219793 110 WP? W.P? carbon cycle, modeling, forest coverCtr for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford, Oxon
65UKsc09CGCS09563: Alan M Haywood2001 All PAPS CLIM 48433426 110 WP? W.P? paleoclimateU Leeds, British Antarctic Survey
66Monaco09 UKsc09 568: Andy Ridgwell2000 All PAPS CLIM 1811514240 109 WP? W.P? paleo, CO2 and climate, iron in seaU Bristol
67  571: Richard W Battarbee1973 Dphil All PAPS CLIM 372160127130 108 WP? W.P? paleo, isotopes, diatomsUniversity College, London
68noSw07 UKsc09 578: Yadvinder Malhi1993AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 447323260247 107 WP? W.P? ecosystem impactsEnv. Change Inst., Oxford U
69noSw07 583: Nigel Bell, FIEEMPhD All PAPS CLIM 18013210658 107 WP? W.P? pollution; ozone and climateImperial College, London
70noSw07 UKsc09 601: Edward Hanna__ All PAPS CLIM 90734240 105 WP? W.P? ice sheetsU Sheffield
71UKsc09 604: David Sextonno webAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 322293195122 104 WP? W.P? modeling, constraintsHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
72Monaco09 638: Rachel Wood1987 All PAPS CLIM 1601335652 100 WP? W.P? coral reef ecology and evolutionU Edinburgh
73  639: Richard A Woodno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 858514242234 99 WP? W.P? ocean model evaluation, THCHadley Centre, Met Office, UK
74UKsc09 644: David Stainforthno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 25524514052 99 WP? W.P? constraining model uncertaintiesAtmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, Department of Physics, University of Oxford, UK
75  645: Alyn Lambert1986 All PAPS CLIM 88654942 99 WP? W.P? aerosols, radiative forcingJPL, Pasadena, CA
76 LSDeniers JIMM08648: Jasper Kirkbyno cv All PAPS CLIM 1421077259 98 WP? W.P? particle physics, cosmic rays; climate linkCERN, Switzerland
77  652: F Hugo LambertPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 70623117 98 WP? W.P? ice cores, attributionAtmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, University of Oxford, UK
78noSw07 UKsc09 677: Eric W Wolff1992 All PAPS CLIM 72706658 95 WP? W.P? Antarctic climatePI, British Antarctic Survey
79not mainly solar 689: Mike Lockwood, FRS, FInstP, FRAS1978 All PAPS CLIM 2411637460 94 WP? W.P? solar magnetism and sunspotsRutherford Appleton Lab, Chilton
80UKsc09 702: Gideon M Henderson1994 All PAPS CLIM 209965145 93 WP? W.P? geochem, ocean and climateOxford U
81UKsc09 714: Clive A Wilson__ All PAPS CLIM 2242199369 91 WP? W.P? modeling, validation, climate sensitivity to CO2Met Office, Bracknell
82 the C in C&O731: Frank M ChambersPhD All PAPS CLIM 119847665 89 WP? W.P? paleo, peat bogs, abrupt changeU Gloucestershire
83  732: Helene T Banks1996 All PAPS CLIM 8674615348 89 WP? W.P? ocean simulationHadley Centre, Met Office, UK
84noSw07 733: Brian J Hoskins, CBE, FRS1970AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 693619275348 88 WP? W.P? orography, atm circulationDepartment of Meteorology, University of Reading, UK
85UKsc09 734: Catherine A Seniorno webAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 858548514176 88 WP? W.P? greenhouse effect, carbon feedbacksHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
86  741: David W Pearce, OBE1963AR2 wg3 leadAll PAPS CLIM 23321479651531 86 WP? W.P? biodiversity, green economydeceased 2005, late of University College, London
87UKsc09 766: Adam Scaife__ All PAPS CLIM 163837953 85 WP? W.P? GCM, validationUK Met Office
88noSw07 776: I Nick McCave1960s? All PAPS CLIM 283251209199 83 WP? W.P? paleo, sedimentsU Cambridge
89UKsc09 796: Ian R Hall1993 All PAPS CLIM 51424234 82 WP? W.P? plankton, BGCSEOPS, Cardiff U
90  798: Sheila Stark2003AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 50231713 82 WP? W.P? carbon cycleHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
91UKsc09 806: Gareth S Jonesno webAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 245614337 81 WP? W.P? feedbacks, attributionHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
92noSw07 UKsc09 811: David Powlson1972 All PAPS CLIM 819442333290 80 WP? W.P? soil microbial biomassRothamsted Research, Harpenden
93CA02 CA03 CA06 UN07 MHND Cato09 CCC09JIMM08822: Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen1981 All PAPS CLIM 2121049692 79 WP? W.P? climate policy, politicseditor, Energy & Environment; emeritus of Geography Dept, Hull U
94UKsc09 826: Ric Williams1987? All PAPS CLIM 132777066 79 WP? W.P? ocean circulationUEA/Liverpool SEOS
95SotP09 UKsc09 828: Chris M Taylor1996 All PAPS CLIM 176816152 79 WP? W.P? hydrologyCentre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford
96UKsc09 838: David S StevensonPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 31816610367 78 WP? W.P? atm chem, pollution and climateUniversity of Edinburgh, UK
97noSw07 UKsc09 841: Robert Spicer1975 All PAPS CLIM 318988558 78 WP? W.P? paleoclimate, paleobiologyOpen University, Milton Keynes, UK
98  868: Charles Harrisno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 56404038 76 WP? W.P? permafrostSchool of Earth, Ocean and Planetary Science, Cardiff University, UK
99realclimate 878: William M Connolley1989 All PAPS CLIM 117765841 75 WP? W.P? Antarctic climateBritish Antarctic Survey
100  879: Terry Barker__AR4 wg3 CLAAll PAPS CLIM 56474132 75 WP? W.P? env. TaxationCambridge U
101UKsc09 880: Julie M Jones1998AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 202352520 75 WP? W.P? GCM, regional, paleoU Sheffield
102  884: P John Kennedyno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 87819217587 74 WP? W.P? biosphere-atmosphere modelHadley Centre, Met Office, UK
103UKsc09 885: David SG Thomas1984 All PAPS CLIM 2692079885 74 WP? W.P? desertificationSGE, Oxford
104UKsc09 909: Michael J Hambrey1974 All PAPS CLIM 1541348153 72 WP? W.P? glaciersAberystwyth U, Wales
105UKsc09 921: David S Lee__ All PAPS CLIM 29416111962 71 WP? W.P? aviation, transport climate impactsManchester Metropolitan U
106  940: Malcolm J RobertscandAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 124515049 70 WP? W.P? ozone in the troposphereHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
107UKsc09 953: Adrian Jenkins2005AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 126696149 69 WP? W.P? ice-ocean interactionsBritish Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, UK
108UKsc09 956: Seymour Laxon1990AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 123383525 69 WP? W.P? polar caps, remote sensingCentre for Polar Observation and Modelling, University College London, UK
109  967: Mark J Webbno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 245393747 68 WP? W.P? model validation, feedbacksHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
110  969: Antony J Payne1988AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 48444041 68 WP? W.P? ice sheet dynamicsUniversity of Bristol, UK
111UKsc09 994: Neil R Edwards1992AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 71645548 66 WP? W.P? modeling, statisticsThe Open University, UK
112  1011: Jamie A Kettleborough1996?AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 32215712859 64 WP? W.P? constraining climate forecastsBritish Atmospheric Data Centre, Space Science and Technology Department, Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils, UK
113UKsc09C&O1026: Andrew J Dugmore__ All PAPS CLIM 87484745 63 WP? W.P? paleo record of volcanoesU Edinburgh
114  1027: Julia C Hargreaves1995 All PAPS CLIM 81554843 63 WP? W.P? paleo, model intercomparisonFRCGC, JAMSTEC, Yokohama
115SotP09 UKsc09(LSDeniers) (JIMM08)1035: Duncan WinghamPhD All PAPS CLIM 113766355 62 WP? W.P? Antarctic ice sheet, thinningLeeds and Bath Universities
116UKsc09 1040: Aradhna Tripati2002 All PAPS CLIM 64453028 62 WP? W.P? paleo, biogeochem Cambridge U
117  1042: James D Annan1994AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 47383125 62 WP? W.P? modeling, statisticsJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Sci and Tech
118UKsc09ESI0#141045: Christopher D Jonesno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 994224170145 61 WP? W.P? feedbacks, carbon cycleHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
119Bali07 1047: Andrew D FriendPhD All PAPS CLIM 476239200114 61 WP? W.P? ecosystem modelingCambridge U
120  1118: James M Haywoodno webAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 307212193134 54 WP? W.P? sulfate aerosolsUK Met Office, Farnborough/Bracknell
121  1129: Andrew StaniforthPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 47830710898 53 WP? W.P? modeling, advectionHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
122UKsc09 1131: Oliver Wild1995AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 136999787 53 WP? W.P? ozone, atm chem, transportFrontier Res Ctr for Global Change, JAMSTEC, Japan
123UKsc09 1132: Gordon McFiggans1994AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 113959275 53 WP? W.P? marine boundary layerUniversity of Manchester, UK
124UKsc09 1142: Richard L Grahamno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 67573227 53 WP? W.P? model projected impactsHadley Centre, Met Office, UK
125noSw07h-index=1041145: Sir Robert M May, OM, FRS, MNAS1960 All PAPS CLIM 3114253221761355 52 WP? W.P? ecosystem impacts, biodiversityU Oxford
126noSw07 1159: Alastair Fitter__ All PAPS CLIM 545464300261 51 WP? W.P? plant ecologyYork U
127  1162: Lisa V AlexandercandAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 739209174120 51 WP? W.P? data assimilationHadley Centre
128  1172: Mark Tamisiea1999AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 65501714 51 WP? W.P? sea-level rise, isostatic reboundProudman Oceanographic Laboratory, UK
129  1209: Simon A Joseyno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 143957748 48 WP? W.P? ocean heat budget, model validationNational Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, UK
130CCSP04 UKsc09 1216: Peter W Thorneno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 62464523 48 WP? W.P? HadAT dataset, assimilationUK Met Office Hadley Ctr, Exeter
131  1220: James E Lovelock, FAAAS1948 All PAPS CLIM 12311198367313 47 WP? W.P? Gaia hypothesis, biotic feedbacksindependent researcher
132  1236: JF Crossley__ All PAPS CLIM 530813130 47 WP? W.P? modelingHadley Centre
133  1258: Claire Cooperno web All PAPS CLIM 77516911692 45 WP? W.P? ENSO, modelingHadley Centre, Bracknell, UK
134UKsc09 1268: Martin Widmann1996AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 77765441 45 WP? W.P? model validationGKSS Research Centre, Geesthacht and School of Geography, Earth and Envrionmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, Germany, UK 1275: Stuart Parkinson1997 All PAPS CLIM 103792823 45 WP? W.P? modelingU Surrey, SGR
136UKsc09 1278: Kevin I HodgesPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 120938976 44 WP? W.P? Asian monsoon, orographyEnvironmental Systems Science Centre, UK
137UKsc09 1288: Michael E McIntyre, MAE, FRS, FAAAS1967 All PAPS CLIM 1066680417354 43 WP? W.P? atm dynamicsCambridge U
138 (LSDeniers) got retraction1318: Nigel O Weiss1968? All PAPS CLIM 180153141124 40 WP? W.P? solar variability and climateemeritus, Cambridge U
139noSw07 UKsc09 1331: Simon L Lewis1998 All PAPS CLIM 148989592 39 WP? W.P? Amazonian ecologyU Leeds
140UKsc09 1336: Vicky Pope1990 All PAPS CLIM 621624541 39 WP? W.P? modeling, intercomparison, sensitivity 1352: Tolu Ainano cv All PAPS CLIM 3611207036 38 WP? W.P?  Oxford U
142UKsc09 1363: Peter H Haynes1983 All PAPS CLIM 680306289192 37 WP? W.P? GCM, dynamics, atm chemCambridge U
143CVX 1364: Adrian J SimmonsPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 348294204187 37 WP? W.P? atm dynamics, planetary wavesEuropean Centre for Medium- Range Weather Forecasts, ECMWF, UK
144  1387: Richard M Goody, FAGU1949 All PAPS CLIM 10131256155 36 WP? W.P? atmospheric radiation budgetHarvard U
145  1405: Miguel AM Maqueda__ All PAPS CLIM 116232113 35 WP? W.P? snow-ice modelingProudman Oceanographic Lab., Liverpool
146  1408: Andy Jonesno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 317174152166 34 WP? W.P? attribution, circulationHadley Centre, Met Office, UK
147Monaco09 Bali07 UKsc09 1410: Carol M Turleyno cvAR4 wg2All PAPS CLIM 1381149189 34 WP? W.P? ocean acidifcation, benthic bacteriahead of science, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, UK
148Monaco09 1414: Eric Achterberg__ All PAPS CLIM 75735945 34 WP? W.P? oceanography;ocean iron contentNatl Oceanography Ctr, Southampton
149  1429: Simon CrooksPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 61584635 33 WP? W.P? QBOUniversity of Oxford, UK
150noSw07 UKsc09 1442: John G Shepherd__ All PAPS CLIM 188150125117 32 WP? W.P? fish stocks, marine ecologyU Southampton
151noSw07 1457: Celine Herweijer__ All PAPS CLIM 51342113 32 WP? W.P? droughts, modelingRisk Management Solutions, London
152  1462: P Bernard Tinker__ All PAPS CLIM 713308179162 31 WP? W.P? biogeochem cyclesTFSD, NERC, Swindon
153  1476: David E Oram1990AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 83433430 31 WP? W.P? halocarbon emissionsUniversity of East Anglia, UK
154SCS03 1508: Brian A King1985AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 84744230 29 WP? W.P? ocean circulationNational Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK
155SCS03 1551: Donald L Anderson, FAGU1962 All PAPS CLIM 1837611471193 26 WP? W.P? geophysics modelingOxford
156Bali07 1553: Dorothee CE Bakker1998 All PAPS CLIM 426235190108 26 WP? W.P? phytoplankton, CO2 sink, iron fertilizationSch of Env Sci, U East Anglia, Norwich
157UKsc09 1564: Joel Hirschi2000 All PAPS CLIM 55443429 26 WP? W.P? ocean circ, GCM AOCNatl Oceanographic Ctr, Southampton
158Bali07 UKsc09 1565: Erik T Buitenhuis__ All PAPS CLIM 49322827 26 WP? W.P? phytoplankton, ocean carbon uptakeU East Anglia, Norwich
159  1566: Alistair J Manning__ All PAPS CLIM 49422524 26 WP? W.P? atm chem, European air quality measClimate Research, Met Office, Exeter
160  1572: David S Jenkinson1950s All PAPS CLIM 1833879798579 25 WP? W.P? soil microbial biomassretired, ex of IACR, Rothamstead
161UKsc09 1573: Joanna Houseno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1170471222169 25 WP? W.P? soil, plant responsesQuantifying and Understanding the Earth System Programme, University of Bristol, UK
162UKsc09ESI06#171576: Ian J Totterdell__ All PAPS CLIM 10022409366 25 WP? W.P? ocean carbon cycleSouthampton Oceanography Ctr
163noSw07 Monaco09 UKsc09 1593: Jason Hall-Spencer__ All PAPS CLIM 49413323 24 WP? W.P? mollusc conservationU Plymouth
164NZCSC MHND Cato09 CCC09LSDeniers JIMM081596: David BellamyBSc All PAPS CLIM 622073712 24 WP? W.P? peatlands, wetland ecologyex of World Land Trust
165noSw07 1599: Georgina M Mace1980 All PAPS CLIM 577506271178 23 WP? W.P? endangered speciesDirector, Institute of Zoology, London
166  1602: Paul D Bates1993 All PAPS CLIM 116687146 23 WP? W.P? hydrology modeling, fluvial morphologyU Bristol
167TGGWSJIMM081609: Philip Stott__ All PAPS CLIM 37353029 23 WP? W.P? biogeographySOAS, U London (emeritus)
168noSw07 UKsc09 1611: Dave Reay__ All PAPS CLIM 100292828 23 WP? W.P? nitrogen cycle, bacteria; ghgonline.orgU Edinburgh
169TGGWSJIMM081618: Nigel Calderno All PAPS CLIM 55432117 23 WP? W.P? ice ages, solar influenceauthor, screenwriter, former editor of New Scientist (no academic career)
170 ESI06#161634: Steven A Spall__ All PAPS CLIM 1002845035 22 WP? W.P? carbon cycle feedbacksHadley Ctr
171  1641: Neil H Kenyon__ All PAPS CLIM 42353710 22 WP? W.P? sedimentationIOS, Surrey
172UKsc09 1645: Ian Rutt2003 All PAPS CLIM 161076 22 WP? W.P? ice sheet modelingSwansea U
173UKsc09 1646: Stephen Pascoeno cv All PAPS CLIM 15963 22 WP? W.P? climateprediction.netCCLRC Rutherford Appleton Lab, Oxford
174noSw07 UKsc09 1672: Chris G Rapley__ All PAPS CLIM 115664439 20 WP? W.P? antarctic climateDirector, British Antarctic Survey
175noSw07 1683: David Raffaelli__ All PAPS CLIM 983208139136 19 WP? W.P? marine ecologyU York
176  1705: Gordon E PeckhamPhD All PAPS CLIM 56462422 18 WP? W.P? remote sensingemeritus, Heriot-Watt U, Edinburgh
177UKsc09 1721: Philip Brohan1994 All PAPS CLIM 3311017536 17 WP? W.P? paleo temp reconstructionsHadley Ctr, UKMO
178  1728: Barry H LomaxPhD All PAPS CLIM 35151414 17 WP? W.P? paleobotanySheffield U
179UKsc09 1748: Crispin Halsall__ All PAPS CLIM 158946946 15 WP? W.P? organochlorines in atmU Lancaster 1769: John F Nye, FRS1948 All PAPS CLIM 3139603543411 13 WP? W.P? glaciology, ice mechanics, physicsemeritus of U Bristol
181  1786: CF Durman__ All PAPS CLIM 5349287 13 WP? W.P? climate extremesHadley Centre
182LZ95 ('Vaugh') 1794: Robin A Vaughan1964 All PAPS CLIM 55222221 12 WP? W.P? remote sensing, AVHRRU of Dundee
183noSw07 1796: James F Muir__ All PAPS CLIM 70262619 12 WP? W.P? aquacultureU Stirling
184noSw07 1797: Richard R Kirby__ All PAPS CLIM 20191715 12 WP? W.P? sea temperature and fish ecologyU Portsmouth
185CA06JIMM081800: Benny PeiserPhD All PAPS CLIM 10777 12 WP? W.P? holocene social anthropology; climate surveyJohn Moores U, Liverpool
186CA03 CA06 UN07 MHND NIPCC08 Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM081804: Richard S CourtneyPhD All PAPS CLIM 2110 12 WP? W.P? questions climate scienceconsultant
187CVX 1807: J Richard Dee__ All PAPS CLIM 1751667963 11 WP? W.P? data assimilationECMWF, Reading
188  1817: Guy Stewart Callendarno All PAPS CLIM 148813426 11 WP? W.P? greenhouse theoryb.1898, d.1964. Worked independently.
189not mainly solar 1840: Arnold W Wolfendale1953 All PAPS CLIM 97524938 10 WP? W.P? cosmic radiationFRS; 14th Astronomer Royal; U Durham
190 C&O1853: JM Line__ All PAPS CLIM 401141160122 9 WP? W.P? paleo, diatoms, pollen, carbon cycleU Cambridge
191LZ95 CA06JIMM081866: Jack BarrettPhD All PAPS CLIM 18953 9 WP? W.P? chemistry, bacterial oxidationex of Imperial College, London
192not mainly solar 1872: Terry SloanPhD All PAPS CLIM 952951418253 8 WP? W.P? particle physicsU Lancaster
193  1917: Heather A Binneyno cv All PAPS CLIM 441243 6 WP? W.P? paleolimnologyUniversity College, London
194  1918: R Mark Wheeler__ All PAPS CLIM 6 WP? W.P? impacts on cropsU Reading
195UKsc09 1930: David W Reynoldsno cv All PAPS CLIM 51343125 5 WP? W.P? marine carbonate paleoBangor U, Wales
196UKsc09LSDeniers1932: Stephen Salterno cv All PAPS CLIM 50292222 5 WP? W.P? wave power engr, ship geoengineering proposalU Edinburgh
197  1941: Anne Le BrocqMScAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 5222 5 WP? W.P? WAISCentre for Polar Observation and Modelling, University of Bristol, UK
198NIPCC08 NIPCC09 1944: Sir Christopher Monckton__ All PAPS CLIM 2000 5 WP? W.P? disputing climate sensitivityno academic affiliation
199MHND 1991: Roger YoungMSc All PAPS CLIM 2417119 3 WP? W.P? ground-penetrating radar, oil explorationgeophysics consultant, Bedford
200CA06 UN07 MHNDJIMM082095: Alister McFarquharPhD All PAPS CLIM 4422 1 WP? W.P? agricultural economicsDowning College (prof or student??)
201TGGWS MHND Cato09 NIPCC09 CCC09JIMM082104: Piers CorbynMSc All PAPS CLIM 2100 1 WP? W.P? meteorologyindep. Weather forecaster (no academic career)
202CCC09 2114: Terry JacksonMSc All PAPS CLIM 1 WP? W.P? energyno academic affiliation (retired?)
203Bali07 2116: Sir John Sulston, FRS, HonFRSC1966 All PAPS CLIM 6468363114901294 0 WP? W.P? genomics (not climate related)Chair, ISEI, Manchester U; ex Dir., Sanger Ctr
204Cato09 2133: John BrignellPHD All PAPS CLIM 80363430 0 WP? W.P? industrial instrumentationretired, ex of U Southampton
205LZ95 2138: E William J Mitchell1951 All PAPS CLIM 49423124 0 WP? W.P? particle physicsdeceased 2002; ex of U Oxford
206LZ95 2160: John Emsley__ All PAPS CLIM 35663209 0 WP? W.P? science journalismscience writer; ex of Imperial College, London
207APS09 2179: Howard D GreyberPhD All PAPS CLIM 7554 0 WP? W.P? radioastronomy 
208LZ95 2194: Peter Arnold Toynbee__ All PAPS CLIM 5421 0 WP? W.P? coal combustionFIofEnergy, London
209CCC09 2197: James E Dent, FCIWEM,, FRMetSBSc All PAPS CLIM 5220 0 WP? W.P? flood warningOPACHE, Hadleigh, Suffolk
210 JIMM082215: John Kettleyno All PAPS CLIM 0000 0 WP? W.P? TV weathermanBritish Weather Services
211TGGWS UN07JIMM082217: Lord Nigel Lawsonno All PAPS CLIM 0000 0 WP? W.P? criticism of IPCC and Stern Review(no academic/research career)
212MHND CCC09 2221: John ShadeMSc All PAPS CLIM 5000 0 WP? W.P? statisticsIndustrial Statistics Consultant, GDP, Dunfermline
213noSw07 2223: Robert Wardno cv All PAPS CLIM 3000 0 WP? W.P? flood risk assessment Risk Management Solutions, London
214LZ95 2236: Arthur Bourneno web All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? no info found(ex?) U of London
215MHND Cato09 2249: John FergusonPhD All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? computer control systemsretired (no academic career)
216LZ95 2267: Laim Nagleno cv All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? energy engineeringCornfield U
217MHND 2279: Richard F ShepherdPhD All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? mathretired dir. Of computing centre, Pembroke
218MHND CCC09 2299: Arnold WoodruffMSc All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? oil & gas explorationconsulting geophysicist, Woodruff EandP, Huntington
219  2326: David J Beerling__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  U Sheffield
220  2327: Michael Bennett__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? aerosol dispersion, LIDARManchester Metropolitan U
221  2330: Pam Berry__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? ecosystem impactsEnv. Change Inst., Oxford U
222  2338: Brenda Boardman__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? carbon reductionEnv. Change Inst., Oxford U
223  2346: Ben Booth__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  UK Met Office, Farnborough/Bracknell
224  2353: Max BoykoffPhD All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Env. Change Inst., Oxford U
225  2374: Ruth E Carnell__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Hadley Centre, Bracknell, UK
226Monaco09 UKsc09 2381: Anastasia Charalampopoulou2010 cand All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanographyU Southampton
227UKsc09 2391: James ClarkeCand 2010 All PAPS CLIM WP? W.P?  U East Anglia, Norwich
228UKsc09 2458: Nick Eyre__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Env. Change Inst., Oxford U
229  2522: Clair Hanson2001 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  U East Anglia, Norwich
230  2532: Robert Hawley__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Cambridge U
231UKsc09 2546: Ellie J Highwood__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  U Reading, UK
232  2547: Christopher N HillBSc All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? software for GCMsPAOC, MIT, Cambridge, MA
233  2568: Manuel Hutterli__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  British Antarctic Survey
234  2595: David W Jolley__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  U Sheffield
235CVX 2611: Elizabeth C Kent__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Natl Oceanographic Ctr, Southampton
236  2658: Bryan Lawrence1990 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? southern hemisphere, wavesRutherford Appleton Lab AMDI, Oxford
237UKsc09 2687: Daniel Lunt__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  U Bristol
238  2767: Jean Palutikof__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  CRU, U East Anglia, Norwich
239  2811: David W Raper__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
240  2842: Derrick Ryall__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  UK Met Office
241CVX 2949: Jean-Noel Thepault__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  ECMWF, Reading
242  2993: Chris West1984 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? impacts, adaptationEnv. Change Inst., Oxford U
243  3012: Hiro Yamazaki__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? Millenium ExperimentOxford U

Totals: 243 names, 135 PhD (200 dates), 35 no cv, 192 homepages, 157 photos, 219 citation stats gathered