Most-Cited Female Authors on Climate Science

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I've noted the names of over 250 women in the field of climate science, amounting to around 9% of the names I've collected. I've gathered publication/citation stats on just over 170 of them so far. The median number of 'climate' papers for these is 58.
Seventy-three women have signed one or more climate 'activist' declarations, nearly one-third of all those listed. Only six women have signed any of the ten climate 'skeptic' declarations or open letters. Of these, two are unpublished: meteorologist Sally Bernier and petroleum geologist Maureen Gallagher. Political scientist Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen is editor of the 'skeptic friendly' journal Energy and Environment; Sallie Baliunas of Harvard is an astrophycist who stresses the role of sunspots and solar variability on climate (31 'climate' articles.) She is also affiliated with nine climate 'skeptic' or contrarian 'think tanks' (list). Much less published or cited are: Australian weed biologist Jennifer Marohasy writes a blog highly critical of the IPCC and mainstream climate science; and Canadian anthropologist Susan Crockford.

Notes column tinted this colour for signers of these 'activist' statements:
SCS03: 2003 'State of Climate Science' letter from 1011 scientists to U.S. congress (81 tagged)
CMOS06: 2006 statement from 120 scientists at the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (all tagged)
CMOS08: 2008 statement from 130 scientists at the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (all tagged)
RealClimate 'activist' website by ten climate scientists, founded 2004
noSw07: April 2007 letter from 37 scientists to Martin Durkin protesting inaccurate portrayal of climate science in his film The Great Global Warming Swindle (all tagged)
Bali07: 2007 appeal letter by 212 scientists from 25 countries, to delegates at the Bali climate talks (all tagged)
CCSP08: 2008 Assessment Report from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program [10 authors tagged so far; not a petition/declaration]
UCS08: 2008 Union of Concerned Scientists' declaration from 1700 U.S. scientists and economists (165 tagged)
Monaco09: Jan. 2009 Monaco Declaration on ocean acidification from 155 ocean scientists from 26 countries (152 tagged)
CLI09June 2009 Open letter to Obama and Congress calling for agressive action on climate change; signed by 20 scientists (all listed)
UKsc09: Dec. 2009 'Statement from the UK science community' re-affirming climate change science and data after East Anglia email break-in, signed by 1700 UK scientists from 67 universities and 55 other institutions (106 listed, 2010-1-17).
Notes column tinted this colour for signers of these 'skeptic' statements
SEPP92 1992 'Statement by Atmospheric Scientists on Greenhouse Warming' from the 'Science and Environment Policy Project', 46 signers
LZ95: 1995 'Leipzig Declaration' organized by Fred Singer, signed by 80 scientists and 25 weathermen
CA02: 2002 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Jean Chretien
CA03: 2003 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Paul Martin
CA06: 2006 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Stephen Harper
UN07: 2007 skeptics letter to U.N. Sec. General Ban Ki-Moon
TGGWS: 2007 TV film The Great Global Warming Swindle interviewees
NIPCC: 2008 Heartland Inst. document Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate, ed. S. Fred Singer, 24 listed contributors
MHND: 2008 'Manhattan Declaration' from skeptics' conference in NYC
Cato09: 2009 newspaper ad by the Cato Institute challenging President Obama's stance on climate change; 115 signers
APS09: 2009 Petition to the American Physical Society to amend their statement on climage change
CCC09: 2009 'Copenhagen Climate Challenge' 158 signers
LISTS column tinted this colour for names who did not sign any skeptic declarations, yet are included on a list of 'skeptic' names by someone else:
JIMM08: Named on 2008 list from U.S. Sen. James Inhofe's staffer Marc Morano
LSDeniers: Profiled in Lawrence Solomons's 2006-7 'The Deniers' column series in Canada's National Post
LISTS column tinted this colour for someone who did sign one of the above skeptic statements, and is also included on a list of 'skeptic' names by someone else.

Some major compilations

I've also tagged authors included in a few major compilations of climate science articles. These are not petitions or calls for action, but further illustrate the author's standing in the literature.For details on these declarations and how I've annotated for them, see notes on open letters

Names are sorted in descending order of citation count, on their #4 most cited work. This somewhat idiosyncratic choice of sort key stresses depth against any potential "one big paper" effect. This does seem to make a reasonable proxy for prominence in their field. (Note that citation stats were collected by hand, over a few months, so exact order might vary slightly as papers continue to gain citations as time passes.)

Mouse over column heading for explanation

Rank hereNotesListsName (homepage)NAT.PhD yearIPCCGS queriesmost cites2nd most3rd most4th mostClimate totalWikipedia?Areas of researchAffiliation
1New NOAA admin 2009 26: Jane Lubchenco, MNAS1975 All PAPS CLIM 2136625584478 69 WP? W.P? marine ecologyObama's new NOAA chief
2 NPFhost CGCS0956: Inez Fung, FAGU1977AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1049480412384 282 WP? W.P? mineral dustUC Berkeley
3  63: Linda O Mearns1988AR4 wg1 Lead ch.11All PAPS CLIM 1223629568357 374 WP? W.P? prediction, extreme eventsNCAR ISSE, Boulder
4SotP09NPFhost89: Susan Solomon, FAGU1981AR4 wg1 co-chairAll PAPS CLIM 1223365357322 480 WP? W.P? ozone depletion, southern hemisphere CCCo-Chair, IPCC WGI, NOAA ESSL, USA
5  103: Cynthia Rosenzweig1991 All PAPS CLIM 1015666355307 455 WP? W.P? predictionColumbia U., NY
6  121: Sarah CB Raper1978AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1170548402286 194 WP? W.P? modelingManchester Metropolitan University, UK
7Bali07 AUCoal09 122: Ann Henderson-Sellers, FAGU1976AR2 AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 922394287286 469 WP? W.P? BGC cycles, deforestationANSTO, Sydney, AU
8  137: Barbara Finlayson-Pitts, FAAAS, FAGU, NAS, NAAS1973 All PAPS CLIM 13171226312273 56 WP? W.P? atm chem, MBL, ozoneU Calif, Santa Barbara, CA
9  150: Maureen E Raymo1989 All PAPS CLIM 547313281262 130 WP? W.P? paleo, isotopes, orbital forcingBoston U, Boston, MA
10SCS03 Bali07 UCS08 181: Elisabeth A Holland1988AR4 wg1 Lead ch.7All PAPS CLIM 330326283234 150 WP? W.P? carbon, nitrogen cyclesAtmospheric Chemistry Division, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), USA
11CA02 CA06JIMM08190: Sallie L Baliunas1980 All PAPS CLIM 626506334230 31 WP? W.P? solar variabilityHarvard U, Cambridge, MA
12  195: Dorthe Dahl-Jensen1988 All PAPS CLIM 1447324229228 129 WP? W.P? paleo, ice cores, isotopesNiels Bohr Inst, U Copenhagen
13Bali07CGCS09198: Valerie Masson-Delmotte1996AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1687231228226 262 WP? W.P? paleo, isotopes, ice-coresLGGE, CNRS, St. Martin d'Heres
14CCSP04 207: Joyce E Penner1977AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 317243237217 286 WP? W.P? cloud microphysics, energy budgetU Michigan
15  218: Judith Lean, FAGU1980AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 527226217215 197 WP? W.P? radiative forcing, solar var.Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC
16UCS08 220: Anne H Ehrlich, FAAAS1964 All PAPS CLIM 969824644213 29 WP? W.P? population, ecologyStanford U
17SCS03 223: Ellen Mosley-Thompson, FAGU1970AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 376264262213 348 WP? W.P? glaciers, ice coresOhio State U, Columbus
18 NPFhost285: Clara Deser1989AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 407208189187 167 WP? W.P? PDO, AO, ocean thermal variationsNCAR, Boulder
19 C&O299: Debra A Meeseno cv All PAPS CLIM 451399205182 43 WP? W.P? paleo, icee cores, GISP2UNH and US Army Cold Regions Lab, Hanover, NH
20  303: Deborah A Clark1978AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 343320218181 81 WP? W.P? rainforest plant ecologyUniversity of Missouri, St. Louis, USA
21SCS03 Bali07 306: Terry L Root1987 All PAPS CLIM 887310174180 63 WP? W.P? ecology and climate, birdsCtr for Env Science and Policy, Stanford U, Stanford, CA
22noSw07 310: Georgina M Mace1980 All PAPS CLIM 577506271178 23 WP? W.P? endangered speciesDirector, Institute of Zoology, London
23UKsc09 315: Catherine A Seniorno webAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 858548514176 88 WP? W.P? greenhouse effect, carbon feedbacksHadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Met Office, UK
24UKsc09 332: Joanna Houseno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1170471222169 25 WP? W.P? soil, plant responsesQuantifying and Understanding the Earth System Programme, University of Bristol, UK
25SCS03 356: Camille Parmesan1995 All PAPS CLIM 1129548297162 95 WP? W.P? ecological impacts, attributionU Texas, Austion
26UKsc09 373: Julia SlingoPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 379215177156 200 WP? W.P? Asian monsoon, variabilityU Reading; Chief Scientist--MetOffice
27  374: Pingping Xie2004MSc All PAPS CLIM 1214644249155 150 WP? W.P? precipitation, remote sensingNOAA CPC, Camp Springs, MD
28 NPFhost410: Judith A Curry, FAGU1982 All PAPS CLIM 626209205144 181 WP? W.P? clouds, atm physics, hurricanesGeorgia Tech
29 C&O422: Sallie I Whitlow__ All PAPS CLIM 399217166141 95 WP? W.P? paleo, ice coresCCRC, U New Hampshire, Durham, NH
30UCS08 440: Surabi Menon1998AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 392191142138 143 WP? W.P? energy imbalance, forcingsLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
31Bali07 463: Corrine Le QuerePhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 417274145131 106 WP? W.P? carbon cycleUniversity of East Anglia and British Antarctic Survey, UK, France, Canada
32SCS03 Monaco09 467: Joanie Kleypas1992 All PAPS CLIM 452335212129 66 WP? W.P? CO2 impacts on coral reefsNCAR, Boulder, CO
33UCS08 495: Ruth S DeFries, FAGU1980 All PAPS CLIM 378326187124 73 WP? W.P? biogeochem, land coverU Maryland
34FB03 Bali07 505: Lynne D Talley, FAGU1982AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 265164144123 53 WP? W.P? ocean circulation, polar regionsScripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, USA
35CMOS06 CMOS08 522: Marianne SV DouglasPhD All PAPS CLIM 157127119121 71 WP? W.P? climate impact on fisheriesU Alberta, Edmonton, AB
36  525: Lisa V AlexandercandAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 739209174120 51 WP? W.P? data assimilationHadley Centre
37SCS03 Bali07 529: Gabriele C HegerlPhDAR4 wg1 CLA ch.9All PAPS CLIM 437154127120 190 WP? W.P? attributionNicholas School, Duke U; Edinburgh U.
38Bali07 CVX 533: Ulrike Lohmann, FAGU1996AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 317183175117 287 WP? W.P? rad forcing, sensitivity, CCNsETH Z?rich, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, Switzerland
39UCS08 535: Christine L Goodale1999 All PAPS CLIM 343178159117 50 WP? W.P? carbon sinksCornell U, Ithaca, NY
40  540: Julia E Cole1992AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 135129123117 81 WP? W.P? ENSO, paleoUniversity of Arizona, USA
41CVXESI06#7565: Annette Menzel1997 All PAPS CLIM 1339473144112 114 WP? W.P? ecoclimatologyTU Munchen
42Bali07 592: Dorothee CE Bakker1998 All PAPS CLIM 426235190108 26 WP? W.P? phytoplankton, CO2 sink, iron fertilizationSch of Env Sci, U East Anglia, Norwich
43CCSP08 600: Linda S Heath1989 All PAPS CLIM 219173110107 78 WP? W.P? forest carbon sinksUSDA Forest Service
44  601: Marie-France Loutre1993AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 615148141106 183 WP? W.P? paleo, insolation, time seriesUniversite catholique de Louvain, Institut d.Astronomie et de Geophysique G. Lemaitre, Belgium
45SCS03 620: Amy Clement, FAGU1999AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 472164143103 173 WP? W.P? forcings, circulationUniversity of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, USA
46Bali07 627: Anny Cazenave, FAGU1975AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 143137128102 154 WP? W.P? sea level riseLaboratoire d.Etudes en G?ophysique et Oc?anographie Spatiale (LEGOS), CNES, France
47  641: Anne M Thompson, FAMS, FAGU, FAAAS1978 All PAPS CLIM 30114112799 137 WP? W.P? biogeochem, remote sensingPenn State U
48Bali07 UKsc09 644: Diana LivermanPhD All PAPS CLIM 15910510399 141 WP? W.P? human impacts, adaptationEnv Change Inst., Oxford U
49  649: Penny Whetton1986AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 52117311898 319 WP? W.P? projections, extremesCSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia
50UCS08 650: Cecilia M Bitz1997AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 13412311798 147 WP? W.P? dynamics, sea ice, modelingU Washington
51Bali07 AUCoal09 652: Leslie HughesPhDAR4 wg2 leadAll PAPS CLIM 91948011598 29 WP? W.P? extinction risk from CCMacquarie U
52Bali07 685: Elisabeth Michelno cv All PAPS CLIM 16312111995 86 WP? W.P? ocean isotope historyLSCE/CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette
53  701: Maria R Marinuccino cv All PAPS CLIM 35829112793 49 WP? W.P? regional modelingNCAR, Boulder
54  709: Claire Cooperno web All PAPS CLIM 77516911692 45 WP? W.P? ENSO, modelingHadley Centre, Bracknell, UK
55Bali07 SotP09 714: Marika M Holland1997AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1361249992 100 WP? W.P? polar climate, ice thicknessNCAR, Boulder
56CA02 CA03 CA06 UN07 MHND Cato09 CCC09JIMM08717: Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen1981 All PAPS CLIM 2121049692 79 WP? W.P? climate policy, politicseditor, Energy & Environment; emeritus of Geography Dept, Hull U
57Bali07 UCS08 SotP09 736: Bette L Otto-Bliesner1981AR4 wg1 Lead ch.6All PAPS CLIM 10910210489 185 WP? W.P? orbital forcings, LGMClimate and Global Dynamics Division, National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
58Monaco09 Bali07 UKsc09 742: Carol M Turleyno cvAR4 wg2All PAPS CLIM 1381149189 34 WP? W.P? ocean acidifcation, benthic bacteriahead of science, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, UK
59  779: Vera Markgraf1968 All PAPS CLIM 164999285 141 WP? W.P? ENSO, paleo, Younger Dryas, Southern hemisphereINSTAAR, U Colorado, Boulder, CO
60  788: Gloria L Manney1988 All PAPS CLIM 11011810284 73 WP? W.P? stratospheric dynamicsJPL, Pasadena, CA
61  791: Julie M Arblaster2007AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1441058984 94 WP? W.P? model validationNCAR / Australian Bureau of Meteorology
62UCS08 795: Louisa K Emmons1994 All PAPS CLIM 26813412583 51 WP? W.P? atm chem, remote sensingNCAR, Boulder, CO
63  801: Michelle L Santee1993 All PAPS CLIM 1101189583 58 WP? W.P? remote sensing, atm chemJPL, Pasadena, CA
64UCS08 818: Dominique Bachelet1983 All PAPS CLIM 1451329081 109 WP? W.P? vegetation impactsOregon State U
65FB03 CCSP04NPFhost820: Dian J SeidelPhD All PAPS CLIM 89888381 65 WP? W.P? tropical troposphere, radiosondesNOAA ARL, Silver Spring, MD
66UCS08 SotP09 826: Claudia Tebaldi1997AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 2651588980 75 WP? W.P? attribution, regional forecastsNational Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
67  842: Heidi CullenPhD All PAPS CLIM 7451048279 61 WP? W.P? NAO, variabilityThe Weather Channel
68 NPFhost857: L Ruby Leung, FAAASPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1061048877 126 WP? W.P? hydrology, downscaling, aerosolsNOAA Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA
69noSw07 UKsc09 871: Joanna HaighPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 35228612475 177 WP? W.P? solar forcing, GCRs, atm. PhysicsImperial College, London
70  887: Cathy C Chuangno cv All PAPS CLIM 14812811773 68 WP? W.P? aerosol forcings, CCNsLLNL, Livermore
71Bali07 912: Jacqueline Fluckiger2003 All PAPS CLIM 183978171 45 WP? W.P? paleo, trace gas variationsETH, Zurich
72UCS08 929: Louise E Jackson1982 All PAPS CLIM 90787370 52 WP? W.P? soil and root ecology, NO2U California, Davis
73  958: Jean Lynch-Stieglitz1995 All PAPS CLIM 2001478667 79 WP? W.P? paleo, teleconnections, ocean circulationGeorgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
74SCS03 UCS08 972: Katharine HayhoeMScAR4All PAPS CLIM 1821078966 123 WP? W.P? risks, impacts, cost of mitigationTexas Tech U
75  986: Catherine Ritz1992 All PAPS CLIM 170122522465 95 WP? W.P? ice shelf dynamics, modelingLGGE, U J Fourier, Grenoble
76  993: Pauline Midgley1975 All PAPS CLIM 2871087265 32 WP? W.P? atm chemStuttgart U
77Bali07 UCS08 995: Catherine Gautier1976 All PAPS CLIM 2611557165 119 WP? W.P? radiative transfer, MJOU Calif at Santa Barbara, CA
78UCS08 996: Lyatt Jaegle1992 All PAPS CLIM 142817065 39 WP? W.P? atm chemistryU Washington
79  1003: Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli1978AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 35612311264 58 WP? W.P? Oceans, GCM, assimilationPAOC, MIT, Cambridge, MA
80  1009: Lisa C Sloan1990 All PAPS CLIM 1163827264 302 WP? W.P? modeling, ocean transportUC Santa Cruz, CA
81CMOS06 1053: Anne de VernalPhD All PAPS CLIM 82656261 106 WP? W.P? sea ice cover, paleo, warming and iceU Quebec a Montreal
82  1086: Yuhong Tian2001AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 2752486258 186 WP? W.P? remote sensing, vegetationGeorgia Institute of Technology, USA, China
83SCS03 1092: Mary Anne Carroll1983 All PAPS CLIM 136777857 17 WP? W.P?  U Michigan
84Bali07 1104: Sandrine BonyPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 85666256 102 WP? W.P? clouds, convection, modelingLaboratoire de M?t?orologie Dynamique, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace, France
85Bali07 1123: Natalia Andronova1993AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1711345955 101 WP? W.P? climate feedbacks, methaneU Michigan AOSS
86  1125: Ruth CurryPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 16714111554 126 WP? W.P? ocean circulationWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
87 C&O1136: Joan Feynman1958 All PAPS CLIM 1351125754 45 WP? W.P? solar wind, geomagnetismJPL, Pasadena, CA
88Bali07 1137: Lynn M RussellPhD All PAPS CLIM 62605754 71 WP? W.P? atm chemistry, MBL, aerosolsScripps/UCSD, La Jolla, CA
89  1139: Molly Baringer1993 All PAPS CLIM 116685554 50 WP? W.P? ocean circulationNOAA AOML, Miami, FL
90  1159: M Cathy Reader1993 All PAPS CLIM 285676352 26 WP? W.P? aerosols direct effectCCCMA, Env. Canada
91Monaco09 1163: Rachel Wood1987 All PAPS CLIM 1601335652 100 WP? W.P? coral reef ecology and evolutionU Edinburgh
92CMOS06 CMOS08 1175: Kimberly Strong1992 All PAPS CLIM 56417711350 94 WP? W.P? remote sensing, spectroscopy, stratosphereU Toronto, ON
93  1180: Margaret A Tolbert, FAGU1986 All PAPS CLIM 119605650 70 WP? W.P? atm chem, CFCsU Colorado / CIRES, Bounder, CO
94  1188: Cynthia H Twohy1992 All PAPS CLIM 61574850 48 WP? W.P? cloud physics, ice crystalsOregon State U
95  1189: Graciela Raga1990?AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 102623150 88 WP? W.P? cumulus clouds, aerosolsCentro de Ciencias de la Atm?sfera, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico, Argentina
96  1199: Margaret Leinen1980 All PAPS CLIM 79766349 41 WP? W.P? paleo-oceanography, IGBPU Rhode Island
97  1201: Caroline Leckno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 135856049 53 WP? W.P? marine aerosols, DMSDepartment of Metorology, Stockholm University , Sweden
98  1221: Linnea M Avallone1993 All PAPS CLIM 125775248 33 WP? W.P? stratospheric chemistryU Colorado, Boulder, CO
99  1232: Esther Brady1991AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1081055747 101 WP? W.P? modeling, paeloNational Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
100  1254: Inger Hanssen-Bauerno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 129615146 91 WP? W.P? precipitation data & projectionsNorwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway
101  1256: Ingeborg AuerPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1601275046 82 WP? W.P? data assimilation, remote sensingCentral Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, Austria
102CMOS08 1265: Kaley A WalkerPhD All PAPS CLIM 1611079245 80 WP? W.P? atm chemU Toronto, ON
103 NPFhost1287: Ana P Barros__ All PAPS CLIM 75464645 109 WP? W.P? hydroclimatologyHarvard U, Cambridge, MA
104  1290: Arny E Sveinbjornsdottir1984 All PAPS CLIM 147023612944 58 WP? W.P? GRIP core, glacial cyclesU Iceland, Reykjavík
105  1295: Cornelia KoberleDipl All PAPS CLIM 98795744 26 WP? W.P? decadal variability, arctic climateWegener Inst. for Polar & Marine Res, Bremerhaven
106CMOS06 CMOS08 1313: Katrin J Meissner1999 All PAPS CLIM 136575343 30 WP? W.P? modeling, land coverU Victoria, BC
107  1316: Julia C Hargreaves1995 All PAPS CLIM 81554843 63 WP? W.P? paleo, model intercomparisonFRCGC, JAMSTEC, Yokohama
108UCS08 1317: Susanne C Moser1997 All PAPS CLIM 1691214743 71 WP? W.P? emissions pathways, impactsUCSC
109  1330: Claire Waelbroeckno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 178745342 62 WP? W.P? paleo, ice ages, permafrostInstitut Pierre Simon Laplace, Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l.Environnement, CNRS, France
110  1333: Annette Rinke1988AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 211644842 140 WP? W.P? regional modeling, ArcticAlfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany
111  1337: Regine Hock1997AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1171025841 67 WP? W.P? glacier energy balanceUppsala U
112UKsc09 1343: Vicky Pope1990 All PAPS CLIM 621624541 39 WP? W.P? modeling, intercomparison, sensitivity 
113  1354: Susanne Neuer1992 All PAPS CLIM 67545040 17 WP? W.P? oceanographyArizona State U
114SCS03 UCS08 1357: Marcia B Baker, FAGUPhD All PAPS CLIM 64494540 68 WP? W.P? cloud physics, CCN, modelingemeritus of U Washington, Seattle, WA
115  1398: Pauline AustinPhD All PAPS CLIM 170895037 122 WP? W.P? clouds, remote sensing, hydrologyMIT (emeritus)
116  1406: Matilde Rusticucci1995AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 120894037 45 WP? W.P? temp extremes, statsDepartamento de Ciencias de la Atm?sfera y los Oc?anos, FCEN, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
117  1416: Elise Pendall1997 All PAPS CLIM 77623637 73 WP? W.P? carbon cycle impacts, soil respirationU Wyoming, Laramie, WY
118  1422: Andrea N Hahmann1992 All PAPS CLIM 111925236 53 WP? W.P?  U Utah, Salt Lake City
119  1427: Karen L Bice__ All PAPS CLIM 56484336 60 WP? W.P? paleo, ocean circWoods Hole Oceanographic Inst.
120  1430: Sharon A Cowling2000 All PAPS CLIM 68444236 45 WP? W.P? biogeochem cycles, plant life impactsU Toronto, ON
121  1441: Veronika Eyring1999AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 77513735 68 WP? W.P? shipping emissionsDeutsches Zentrum f?r Luft und Raumfahrt, Institut f?r Physik der Atmosph?re, Germany
122UKsc09 1446: Ruth M Doherty1994 All PAPS CLIM 219785134 113 WP? W.P? vegetation, modelingU East Anglia, Norwich
123CMOS06 CMOS08 1447: Irena CreedPhD All PAPS CLIM 1251084834 53 WP? W.P? nitrogen cycle, hydrologyU Western Ontario, London, ON
124CMOS06 1448: Isabelle LaurionPhD All PAPS CLIM 1011014734 12 WP? W.P? solar UV in boreal lakes 
125  1487: Cynthia J Haysno cv All PAPS CLIM 38383432 23 WP? W.P? ag. Impacts, veg. modelingU Nebraska, Lincoln
126CVX 1497: Nicole Estrella__ All PAPS CLIM 111994731 30 WP? W.P? phenology, climate impactsTU Munchen
127 ESI01#141498: Heinke Hoeck__ All PAPS CLIM 303694431 18 WP? W.P? modelingMax Planck Inst, Hamburg
128Bali07 1499: Cecilie Mauritzen1993AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 93833531 35 WP? W.P? sea-ice, ocean circulationNorwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway
129  1502: Kim Cobb2002 All PAPS CLIM 185523431 44 WP? W.P? ENSO, teleconnectionsGeorgia Tech, Macon, GA
130CMOS08 1508: Katrina MoserPhD All PAPS CLIM 157815930 31 WP? W.P? water resources, climate stressU Western Ontario, London, ON
131Bali07 UCS08 1509: Helen A Fricker1999AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 55534930 45 WP? W.P? ice shelvesScripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, USA
132Bali07 1539: Christine Klaasno cv All PAPS CLIM 1021024929 21 WP? W.P? organic carbon in oceansAlfred Wegener Inst, Bremerhaven
133UKsc09 1585: Aradhna Tripati2002 All PAPS CLIM 64453028 62 WP? W.P? paleo, biogeochem Cambridge U
134  1595: Jennifer C Adam2007 All PAPS CLIM 1891845727 34 WP? W.P? hydrology, arcticWashington State U
135Monaco09 Bali07 1600: Birgit Schneider2002AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 50344527 65 WP? W.P? THC, tracersLeibniz Institut f?r Meereswissenschaften, Germany
136  1609: Kirsten Zickfeld2004 All PAPS CLIM 30292727 10 WP? W.P? modeling, ocean circCCMA, Ottawa
137UCS08 1611: Beate G Liepert1995AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 89655226 52 WP? W.P? forcings, solar var, rad balanceLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, USA
138  1613: Christiane Textor2005AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 92564026 37 WP? W.P? aerosol optical propertiesLaboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l.Environnement, France, Germany
139  1622: Stella M Coakleyno cv All PAPS CLIM 96343326 31 WP? W.P? plant impactsOregon State U
140CMOS06 CMOS08 1626: Claudia Wagner-Riddle1994 All PAPS CLIM 74492926 36 WP? W.P? ag NO2 emissions, N cycleU Guelph, Ontario
141Bali07 UCS08NPFhost1634: Sarah T Gille1990? All PAPS CLIM 141464125 71 WP? W.P? southern ocean warming, currentsU Calif at San Diego, CA
142  1635: Jin-Song Xuno cv All PAPS CLIM 114623925 48 WP? W.P? modeling, variabilityMax Planck Inst., Hamburg
143  1687: Annie PS Wong1999AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 102572923 8 WP? W.P? ocean circulation, data sensorsSchool of Oceanography, U Washington, USA, Australia
144Bali07 1690: Valerie Daux__ All PAPS CLIM 48312823 21 WP? W.P? paleo, sedimentary tracersLSCE, Gif-sur-Yvette
145  1706: Paula K Hudson2001 All PAPS CLIM 36322522 23 WP? W.P? aerosols, ice in cirrusCalif. State U, Fullerton
146  1709: Sarah D Brooks2002 All PAPS CLIM 83252522 21 WP? W.P? sulfate aerosolsU Colorado /CIRES, Boulder
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148  1721: Ines Camilloni1995AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 34312421 26 WP? W.P? subtropics, precipitationUniversidad de Buenos Aires, Centro de Investigaciones del Mar y la Atmosfera, Argentina
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150UCS08 1749: Haiyan Teng2003AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 123271820 86 WP? W.P? impact forecastsNational Center for Atmospheric Research, USA, China
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153  1756: Paula B Maat__ All PAPS CLIM 40323119 7 WP? W.P? paleo, eolian sandsUSGS, Denver
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156  1771: Brenda Ekwurzel1998 All PAPS CLIM 74564318 18 WP? W.P? groundwater, isotopesUnion of Concerned Scientists, ex.of U Ariz
157Monaco09 1789: Joan-Albert Sanchez-Cabeza__ All PAPS CLIM 22212018 19 WP? W.P? oceanography, heavy metal contaminantsU Autonoma Barcelona
158UCS08 1794: Sarah E Gilman2003 All PAPS CLIM 2811753517 71 WP? W.P? ecology, thermal stressU California, Davis, CA
159CVX 1803: Tatiana Egorova__ All PAPS CLIM 46281817 54 WP? W.P? variability, atm chemPMOD/WRC, Davos Dorf
160  1809: Nathalie LefevrecandAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 50181617 19 WP? W.P? ocean CO2 sink seasonalityInstitut de Recherche Pour le Developpement, Laboratoire d.Oceanographie et de Climatologie, France
161CMOS06 1816: Esther LevesquePhD All PAPS CLIM 2432322216 25 WP? W.P? plant ecology, arcticU Quebec a Trois-Rivieres
162Bali07 1825: Valerie Gros1998 All PAPS CLIM 44222215 19 WP? W.P? European emission measurementsCNRS
163CMOS06 CMOS08 1827: Elaine E WheatonPhD All PAPS CLIM 27222015 25 WP? W.P? ag impacts of CCU Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
164CMOS06 1830: Kathy L YoungPhD All PAPS CLIM 27211815 29 WP? W.P? hyrdology and climateYork U, Toronto, ON
165  1835: Kansri Boonpragobno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 35251615 13 WP? W.P? tropical forest impactsDepartment of Biology, Faculty of Science, Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand
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169  1853: Xinzhao Chu__ All PAPS CLIM 21171614 39 WP? W.P? remote sensingCIRES fellow
170  1860: Emmanuelle Driesschaert2005AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 89302313 40 WP? W.P? PMIP2, holoceneU cath de Louvain, IAG, G. Lemaitre, Belgium
171noSw07 1862: Celine Herweijer__ All PAPS CLIM 51342113 32 WP? W.P? droughts, modelingRisk Management Solutions, London
172Monaco09 1866: Sophie Richier   __ All PAPS CLIM 28261913 7 WP? W.P? oceanography 
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176SCS03 1887: Lisa Dilling1997 All PAPS CLIM 31291512 41 WP? W.P? decision making on climateCIRES fellow, Boulder, CO
177  1889: Sue C van den Heever__ All PAPS CLIM 27271412 16 WP? W.P? cloud dynamics, modelingColorado State U, Fort Collins
178 USCCSP1891: Anna M Michalak__ All PAPS CLIM 27151412 33 WP? W.P? climate modelingU Michigan
179  1910: Katherine L Moulton   __ All PAPS CLIM 69401511 12 WP? W.P? paleo - silicate weatheringYale U
180  1924: Myriam Khodri2001AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 74161610 27 WP? W.P? feedbacks, paleoInstitut de Recherche Pour le Developpement, France
181Bali07 1938: Olga SolominaPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 14141010 38 WP? W.P? lichenometry, glaciers, PDOInstitute of Geography RAS, Russian Federation
182Bali07NPFhost1942: Rebecca C Alexander2002 All PAPS CLIM 9621149 6 WP? W.P? paleo, aerosols, geochemU Washington
183  1943: Paola Rizzoli, FAGU1968AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 4530129 2 WP? W.P? sea level, Venice flood defensesMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, Italy
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186  1970: Marilyn N Raphael__ All PAPS CLIM 14898 57 WP? W.P? southern hemisphere, windsUCLA
187MHND Cato09 CCC09 1991: Susan J CrockfordPhD All PAPS CLIM 12977 5 WP? W.P? anthropology, archaeozoologyAdjunct Assoc. Prof., Anthropology, U Victoria, BC
188Bali07 2047: Andrea Volbers2001 All PAPS CLIM 121174 5 WP? W.P? ocean carbonate chemistryBjerknes Ctr, Bergen
189  2064: Maria T Martelono cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 10844 3 WP? W.P? evapotranspiration, ENSOMinisterio del Ambiente y los Rcursos Naturales, Dir. de Hidrologia y Meteorologia, Venezuela
190Monaco09 2069: Eike Breitbarth__ All PAPS CLIM 481993 8 WP? W.P? oceanographyGoteborg U
191CVX 2072: Tracy Ewen__ All PAPS CLIM 1451363 28 WP? W.P? carbon cycle feedbacksIACS, ETH, Zurich
192  2079: Heather A Binneyno cv All PAPS CLIM 441243 6 WP? W.P? paleolimnologyUniversity College, London
193CMOS06 CMOS08 2081: Catherine La FargePhD All PAPS CLIM 12743 1 WP? W.P? bryophyte evolution, paleoU Alberta, Edmonton, AB
194CMOS08 2086: Grace Chiu2002 All PAPS CLIM 8833 0 WP? W.P? statisticsU Waterloo, ON
195CVX 2088: Cornelia Ludecke__ All PAPS CLIM 9733 10 WP? W.P? polar researchAKGdPF, Munich
196CMOS08 2117: Jennifer V LukovichPhD All PAPS CLIM 5322 13 WP? W.P? sea ice dynamicsCEOS, U Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
197  2121: Anne Le BrocqMScAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 5222 5 WP? W.P? WAISCentre for Polar Observation and Modelling, University of Bristol, UK
198Monaco09 2174: Delphine Dissardcand All PAPS CLIM 3100 2 WP? W.P? oceanography, forameniferaAlfred Wegener Inst
199  2190: Marta KrynytzkyundergradAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 2000 2 WP? W.P? ocean response to climate changeUniversity of Washington, USA
200MHND 2223: Sally Bernier__ All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? meteorologistCleveland, OH
201MHND 2231: Maureen T Gallagher1979 All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? micropaleontology (thesis topic)consultant, petroleum geology, Calgary, AB
202  2250: Kath O'Shaughnessyno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 00 0 WP? W.P? not publishedNational Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand
203  2330: Pam Berry__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? ecosystem impactsEnv. Change Inst., Oxford U
204  2334: Kiran Bhaganagar__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? CFDU Michigan
205  2338: Brenda Boardman__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? carbon reductionEnv. Change Inst., Oxford U
206  2354: Marcia Branstetter   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  ORNL
207Monaco09 2355: Emily Breviere   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
208Monaco09 2358: Wendy Broadgate   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
209Monaco09 2367: Lucy Buxton   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
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211  2370: Antonietta Capotondi1993 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  NOAA ESRL, Boulder, CO
212 NPFhost2372: Zoe Cardon__ All PAPS CLIM WP? W.P? soil carbon, root-microbes, semi-aridMBL, Woods Hole, MA
213  2373: Barbara E Carleson1984 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  NASA GISS, New York, NY
214  2374: Ruth E Carnell__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Hadley Centre, Bracknell, UK
215Monaco09 2379: Ana I Catarino   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
216Monaco09 UKsc09 2381: Anastasia Charalampopoulou2010 cand All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanographyU Southampton
217 NPFhost2386: Teresa Chereskin__ All PAPS CLIM WP? W.P? ocean circulationPORD, Scripps Inst, La Jolla, CA
218 NPFhost2395: Elsa Cleland__ All PAPS CLIM WP? W.P? ecologyEBE, U Calif at San Diego, La Jolla, CA
219  2399: Danielle B Coleman__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  NCAR, Boulder
220  2405: L Helen Cox__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? stratospheric aerosolsCalif. State U. Northridge
221 NPFhost2411: Bo Cui__ All PAPS CLIM WP? W.P?  U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
222Monaco09 2415: Kim Currie   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
223SCS03 2417: Carla D'Antonio   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?   
224 NPFhost2434: Ellen M Druffel__ All PAPS CLIM WP? W.P? ocean circulation, carbon cycleU California, Irvine, CA
225Monaco09 2438: Cynthia Dumousseaud   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
226  2441: Stephanie Dutkiewicz   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?   
227Monaco09 2459: Victoria J Fabry__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Calif. State U, San Marcos, CA
228  2484: Raquel Francisco__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Abdus Salam Int. Ctr Theor. Physics, Trieste
229  2485: Ann M Fridlind__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA
230 NPFhost2511: Jennifer Haase__ All PAPS CLIM WP? W.P? remote sensing, water vaporPurdue U, Indiana
231  2515: Sharon J Hall__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? soil ecologyArizona State U
232  2522: Clair Hanson2001 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  U East Anglia, Norwich
233  2535: Colette L Heald__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? chemistry and climateColorado State U, Fort Collins
234UKsc09 2546: Ellie J Highwood__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  U Reading, UK
235  2577: Christiane Jablonowski2004 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? modeling, dynamics, QBO, cyclonesU Michigan
236  2588: Emilia K Jin__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  George Mason U, Fairfax, VA
237  2591: Jasmin John__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? climate and ecosystemsGFDL, Princeton, NJ
238CVX 2611: Elizabeth C Kent__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Natl Oceanographic Ctr, Southampton
239CVX 2615: Valentina Khan__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Hydrometeorological Ctr of Russia, Moscow
240  2617: Nancy Y Kiang2002 All PAPS CLIM WP? W.P?  NASA GISS, New York, NY
241  2625: Catherine Kissel   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?   
242  2631: Dorothy Koch1993 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  NASA GISS, New York, NY
243  2638: Maike Kramer__ All PAPS CLIM WP? W.P?  Inst of Polar Ecology, Kiel
244  2639: Sonia M Kreidnweis__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? aerosols, cloudsColorado State U, Fort Collins
245CVX 2646: Karin Labitzke__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Met Inst FUB, Berlin
246  2648: Christine Land__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany
247  2649: Amaelle Landais   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?   
248CVX 2651: Ulrike Langematz__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  IfM, Freie U Berlin
249  2652: Heike Langenberg1995? All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Nature Geosciences, chief editor
250  2674: Meiyun Lin2007 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? atm chem, air pollution and climateSAGE, U Wisconsin, Madison, WI
251Monaco09 2698: Sophie Martin   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
252Monaco09 2699: Francesca Marubini   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
253Monaco09 2703: Triona McGrath   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
254Monaco09 2704: Christina McGraw   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
255Monaco09 2720: Joanna Miest   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
256Monaco09 2750: Anne-Marin Nisumaa   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
257Monaco09 2759: Anna Orlikowska   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
258  2767: Jean Palutikof__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  CRU, U East Anglia, Norwich
259  2771: Esther Parish   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  ORNL
260Monaco09 2772: Laura Parker   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
261  2777: Dorothy M Peteet   1983 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  NASA GISS, New York, NY
262  2781: Elisabetta Pierazzo1997 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  U Arizona, Tuscon, AZ
263CVX 2785: Christina Schnadt Poberaj__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  IACS, ETH, Zurich
264Monaco09 2787: Annika Pollani   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
265Monaco09 2804: Sophie Rabouille   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
266Monaco09 2809: Joana Barcelos e Ramos   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
267Monaco09 2818: Stéphanie Reynaud   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
268SotP09 2821: Lucrezia Ricciardulli1999 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Remote Sensing Systems,
269  2824: Nicole Riemer__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? atm gases and particlesU Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
270Monaco09 2826: Lisa Robbins   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
271Monaco09 2828: Donna Roberts   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
272Monaco09 2846: Julia Saphörster   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
273Monaco09 UKsc09 2854: Daniela Schmidt   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
274  2868: Sara SeagerPhD All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? planetary atmospheresPAOC, MIT, Cambridge, MA
275CVX 2874: Sonia Senviratne__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  IACS, ETH, Zurich
276  2913: Allison L Steiner__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? biosphere-atm modelingU Michigan
277SotP09 CVX 2924: Julienne Stroeve__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  NSIDC, CIRES, U Colorado, Boulder, CO
278Monaco09 2926: Lisa Suatoni   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
279Monaco09 2927: Coleen Suckling   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
280Monaco09 2929: Stefanie Sudhaus   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
281  2938: Deborah Swackhamer   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?   
282Monaco09 2943: Sylvie Tambutté   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
283Monaco09 2956: Trisha Towanda   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
284  2968: Veronica Vaida1977 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? atm chemistryCIRES fellow
285  2974: Stacey Verado   1995 All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?   
286Monaco09 2986: Sue-Ann Watson   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
287  3002: Gisela Winkler__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs., Columbia U, Columbia, NY
288Monaco09 3006: Hannah Wood   __ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P? oceanography 
289  3011: Taiyi Xu__ All PAPS CLIM (stats not checked) WP? W.P?  NOAA ESRL PSD, Boulder, CO

Compiled by Jim Prall, Toronto, Canada, Nov. 2008 - present