Climate authors elected Fellows of a Learned Society

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Authors who have been elected Fellow of a learned society

It is traditional for learned societies to elect a small proportion of their members as Fellows of the society. The Royal Society of London has observed this practice throughout its centuries-long history; Fellows receive the designation FRS which they may list after their name, titles and degrees.

Contemporary learned societies carry on this tradition, including the following (with links to each society's website list of Fellows):

I've tagged all the authors currently on this list who are fellows of the AGU (173), AAAS (53), and CMOS (13). I've noted a small number of FRS, FAMS and a few others. (Titular honours such as Companion of the British Empire (CBE) are noted where I've come across them as well.)

Findings: The 222 learned society Fellows I've identified so far include 92 signers of the activist statements compared to 12 signers of skeptic statements (plus two authors from France often claimed as skeptics, Vincent Courtillot and Claude Allegre). Seven of the Fellows who signed skeptic statements have fewer than 16 papers mentioning climate.

Notes column tinted this colour for signers of these 'activist' statements:
SCS03: 2003 'State of Climate Science' letter from 1011 scientists to U.S. congress (81 tagged)
CMOS06: 2006 statement from 120 scientists at the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (all tagged)
CMOS08: 2008 statement from 130 scientists at the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (all tagged)
RealClimate 'activist' website by ten climate scientists, founded 2004
noSw07: April 2007 letter from 37 scientists to Martin Durkin protesting inaccurate portrayal of climate science in his film The Great Global Warming Swindle (all tagged)
Bali07: 2007 appeal letter by 212 scientists from 25 countries, to delegates at the Bali climate talks (all tagged)
CCSP08: 2008 Assessment Report from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program [10 authors tagged so far; not a petition/declaration]
UCS08: 2008 Union of Concerned Scientists' declaration from 1700 U.S. scientists and economists (165 tagged)
Monaco09: Jan. 2009 Monaco Declaration on ocean acidification from 155 ocean scientists from 26 countries (152 tagged)
CLI09June 2009 Open letter to Obama and Congress calling for agressive action on climate change; signed by 20 scientists (all listed)
UKsc09: Dec. 2009 'Statement from the UK science community' re-affirming climate change science and data after East Anglia email break-in, signed by 1700 UK scientists from 67 universities and 55 other institutions (106 listed, 2010-1-17).
Notes column tinted this colour for signers of these 'skeptic' statements
SEPP92 1992 'Statement by Atmospheric Scientists on Greenhouse Warming' from the 'Science and Environment Policy Project', 46 signers
LZ95: 1995 'Leipzig Declaration' organized by Fred Singer, signed by 80 scientists and 25 weathermen
CA02: 2002 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Jean Chretien
CA03: 2003 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Paul Martin
CA06: 2006 skeptics letter to Canadian P.M. Stephen Harper
UN07: 2007 skeptics letter to U.N. Sec. General Ban Ki-Moon
TGGWS: 2007 TV film The Great Global Warming Swindle interviewees
NIPCC: 2008 Heartland Inst. document Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate, ed. S. Fred Singer, 24 listed contributors
MHND: 2008 'Manhattan Declaration' from skeptics' conference in NYC
Cato09: 2009 newspaper ad by the Cato Institute challenging President Obama's stance on climate change; 115 signers
APS09: 2009 Petition to the American Physical Society to amend their statement on climage change
CCC09: 2009 'Copenhagen Climate Challenge' 158 signers
LISTS column tinted this colour for names who did not sign any skeptic declarations, yet are included on a list of 'skeptic' names by someone else:
JIMM08: Named on 2008 list from U.S. Sen. James Inhofe's staffer Marc Morano
LSDeniers: Profiled in Lawrence Solomons's 2006-7 'The Deniers' column series in Canada's National Post
LISTS column tinted this colour for someone who did sign one of the above skeptic statements, and is also included on a list of 'skeptic' names by someone else.

Some major compilations

I've also tagged authors included in a few major compilations of climate science articles. These are not petitions or calls for action, but further illustrate the author's standing in the literature.For details on these declarations and how I've annotated for them, see notes on open letters

Names are sorted in descending order of number of published works that match the word 'climate' in Google Scholar. This total could include non-refereed pieces such as commentary, editorials, or letters to the editor. (Note that citation stats were collected by hand, over a few months, so exact order might vary slightly as papers continue to gain citations as time passes.)

Anyone working in the field of climate science should have a significant number of hits on this search. The median number for IPCC wg1 authors is 93 articles; for all of the roughly 1800 authors I've checked up to July 2009, including skeptics, the median is 56. For the 386 names I've checked so far who were signers of a climate skeptics' statement, the median is two (2).

70% of the skeptics have fewer than 10 published works that mentions of climate and 60% have fewer than five. At the top of the rankings, there are 25 skeptics who have more than the overall median of 56 works mentioning 'climate', and just 12 above the IPCC median of 93.

In the overall list, there are 908 names with 56 or more works mentioning climate, and 593 names with at least 93 works. In this light, self-declared skeptics make up only 2.75% of the first group, or 2.03% of the second.

Mouse over column heading for explanation

Rank hereNotesListsName (homepage)NAT.PhD yearIPCCGS queriesmost cites2nd most3rd most4th mostClimate totalWikipedia?Areas of researchAffiliation
1noSw07 CLI09 UKsc09 1: Sir John T Houghton, CBE, FRS1955AR2,3 Co-ChairAll PAPS CLIM 250416871223669 890 WP? W.P? atmospheric physics, sensingOxford U (emeritus)
2  2: Michael Hulme, FRMS1985 All PAPS CLIM 1223569481435 728 WP? W.P? climate data assimilationfounding Director and visiting Fellow, Tyndall Ctr
3noSw07C&O SciBytes#94: Philip D Jones, FRMS, FAGU1977AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 581580517461 724 WP? W.P? surface temp trends, NAO, SOUniversity of East Anglia, Norwich
4Bali07 UCS08 CLI09 5: Stephen H Schneider, MNAS, FAAAS, FRANS, MacArthur1971AR3 wg2 CLA AR4All PAPS CLIM 1015279277267 683 WP? W.P? climate predictionStanford U
5 USCCSP CGCS096: Robert B Jackson, FAGU1992 All PAPS CLIM 1215620371335 661 WP? W.P? carbon cycle, plant CO2 responseNicolas School, Duke U, Durham, NC
6CCSP08 8: Dennis P Lettenmaier, FAGU, FAAAS1975 All PAPS CLIM 460421222217 585 WP? W.P? BOREAS, hydrologyCivil Eng., U Washington, Seattle
7FB03 CMOS06 CMOS08 Bali07 10: Andrew J Weaver, FCMOS1987AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 481413321302 571 WP? W.P? modeling, ice, oceansSchool of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, Canada
8  11: André Berger, FAGU1973AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 661420252206 547 WP? W.P? orbital forcings, paleoUniversité catholique de Louvain, Inst d.Astro et de Géophys G. Lemaitre, Belgium
9Bali07 UCS08 12: Robert E Dickinson, FAGU, MNAS1966AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 922394290287 546 WP? W.P? biogeochem cycles School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Inst Technology
10 SciBytes#817: Jean Jouzel, FAGU1974AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 17671470871738 501 WP? W.P? data from ice coresLMCE/CEA, IPSL, PAGES
11SotP09NPFhost18: Susan Solomon, FAGU1981AR4 wg1 co-chairAll PAPS CLIM 1223365357322 480 WP? W.P? ozone depletion, southern hemisphere CCCo-Chair, IPCC WGI, NOAA ESSL, USA
12Bali07 AUCoal09 20: Ann Henderson-Sellers, FAGU1976AR2 AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 922394287286 469 WP? W.P? BGC cycles, deforestationANSTO, Sydney, AU
13SEPP92 CCSP04 climatesci.orgJIMM0821: Roger A Pielke Sr, FAGU1973 All PAPS CLIM 991940380354 460 WP? W.P? modeling, land cover, hydological cycleCIRES, U Colorada Boulder
14 h-index=4322: Chris Field, MNAS1985AR4 wg2 CLAAll PAPS CLIM 1109640625553 455 WP? W.P? plant responses to CCCarnegie Inst, DC; Stanford U.
15 NPFhost25: Veerabhadran Ramanathan, FAGU1974AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 635482354343 430 WP? W.P? ERBE, cloud radiative forcingScripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
16SCS03 Bali07 UCS08ESI01#727: Kevin E Trenberth, FAGU, FAAAS1972AR2-3 AR4 wg1 CLA ch.3All PAPS CLIM 1223943708624 407 WP? W.P? decadal variance, ENSO NCAR, Boulder
17  29: Thompson Webb III, FAAAS1966 All PAPS CLIM 275268236173 394 WP? W.P? paleo, modeling, LGMBrown U, Providence, RI
18SCS03 UCS08NPFhost33: Alan Robock, FAAAS1977 All PAPS CLIM 320220216126 374 WP? W.P? soil moisture variabilityRutgers U, NJ
19 NPFhost34: Michael Ghil, FAGU1975 All PAPS CLIM 336356233217 364 WP? W.P? paleo, time seriesCERES-ERTI,
20SCS03 38: Ellen Mosley-Thompson, FAGU1970AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 376264262213 348 WP? W.P? glaciers, ice coresOhio State U, Columbus
21 NPFhost39: Roger G Barry, FAGU1965AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 611537419242 339 WP? W.P? ice cover, historical trendsNSIDC, Boulder, CO
22CCSP04ESI01#840: Thomas R Karl, FAGUMScAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 539405373349 338 WP? W.P? extremes, variabilityNOAA NCDC, Asheville, NC
23UKsc09ESI01#1 ESI06#141: John FB Mitchell, FRS1973AR1-3 AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 717530468455 332 WP? W.P? SST, forcingsChief Scientist, Hadley Centre, Met Office, UK
24SCS03 realclimate Bali07 UCS08NPFhost44: Raymond S Bradley, FAGU1971 All PAPS CLIM 806759318237 327 WP? W.P? historical temp., LIAU. Mass
25 ESI01#2547: David Pollard, FAGU1979 All PAPS CLIM 383350159144 323 WP? W.P? biosphere carbon modelPenn State U
26 C&O51: John E Kutzbach, FAGU1966 All PAPS CLIM 412372264263 318 WP? W.P? paleo, MilancovitchU Wisconsin-Madison, WI
27CCSP04 53: Venkatachalam Ramaswamy, FAGU1982AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1163350207205 316 WP? W.P? attributionNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, USA
28Bali07CGCS0954: Jeff T Kiehl, FAGU1981 All PAPS CLIM 504360301307 315 WP? W.P? aerosols, radiative forcingNCAR, Boulder
29 NPFhost63: Patrick J Bartlein, FAAAS1978 All PAPS CLIM 236178173169 298 WP? W.P? paleo, data assimilation, visualizationU Oregon, Eugene, OR
30FB03 65: Syukuro Manabe, FAGU1958 All PAPS CLIM 332328291275 292 WP? W.P? thermal equilibrium, convectionGFDL, ESSA, Princeton, NJ
31FB03 67: Eric F Wood, FAGU1974 ScD All PAPS CLIM 434300259212 291 WP? W.P? hydrology and climatePrinceton U
32  70: Christopher P McKay, FAGU1982 All PAPS CLIM 210176176167 287 WP? W.P? ice, planetary scienceNASA Ames Lab,
33Bali07 CVX 71: Ulrike Lohmann, FAGU1996AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 317183175117 287 WP? W.P? rad forcing, sensitivity, CCNsETH Z?rich, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, Switzerland
34 NPFhost73: David A Randall, FAGU, FAAAS1976AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 552365261215 286 WP? W.P? modeling, dynamics, boundary layerColorado State U, Fort Collins
35CMOS06 74: George J Boer, FCMOS1970 All PAPS CLIM 586359305281 285 WP? W.P? modelingCCCMA, Env. Canada
36 NPFhost CGCS0975: Inez Fung, FAGU1977AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1049480412384 282 WP? W.P? mineral dustUC Berkeley
37 SciBytes#1076: John H Seinfeld, FAAAS1967 All PAPS CLIM 181613731195227 282 WP? W.P? atm chem and physicsCalTech, Pasadena, CA
38 NPFhost80: F Stewart Chapin III, MNAS1973 All PAPS CLIM 21011344841815 276 WP? W.P? biodiversity, arctic plant impactsU Alaska, Fairbanks, AK
39 C&O81: Paul A Mayewski, FAGU, FAAAS1973 All PAPS CLIM 547397363281 276 WP? W.P? paleo, abrupt changeDirector, Climate Change Inst., U Maine, Orono, ME
40CCSP08 UCS08 CLI09 82: Steven W Running, FAGU1979AR4 wg2 leadAll PAPS CLIM 610473371326 274 WP? W.P? modeling forest ecosystemsCCSP author; Duke U, Raleigh, NC
41Bali07 UCS08 CLI09ESI06#1883: Warren M Washington, FAAAS1964 All PAPS CLIM 270187164124 274 WP? W.P? modeling, feedbacksNCAR, Boulder
42 C&O88: William Ka-Ming Lau, FAGU1977 All PAPS CLIM 348250238199 269 WP? W.P? climate variability, oscillationsNASA Goddard, Greenbelt, MD
43SCS03 CLI09 94: Lonnie G Thompson, FAGU, MNAS1976AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 276264262213 266 WP? W.P? glaciers, ice coresOhio State U, Columbus
44Bali07 UCS08NPFhost95: Mark A Cane, FAGU, FAAAS1975 All PAPS CLIM 414333225208 265 WP? W.P? SST, ENSOLamont-Doherty Earth Obs., Colubmia U.
45 NPFhost98: Scott Doney, FAGU1991 All PAPS CLIM 736198199169 263 WP? W.P? chem oceanographyWoods Hole Oceanographic Inst
46SCS03 UCS08 99: Donald J Wuebbles, FAGU, FAAAS1983AR1-2 CLA AR3All PAPS CLIM 422175174159 263 WP? W.P? methane, attribution, rad forcing, atm chemU Illinois Urbana
47UCS08 103: Jagadish Shukla, FAGU1971AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 406381416331 259 WP? W.P? biosphere-atm modeling, AmazonCenter for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies, George Mason University, USA
48SotP09C&O104: Richard B Alley, FAGU1987AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 507388279254 258 WP? W.P? paleo, D-O events, LIDARPennsylvania State U
49  107: Wolf H Berger, FAGU1968 All PAPS CLIM 1479266208203 255 WP? W.P? oceanography, isotopes, paleoU California San Diego, CA
50CMOS06 CMOS08 Bali07 109: W Richard Peltier, FAGU1971AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 699604328326 254 WP? W.P? ice age, modelingDepartment of Physics, U Toronto
51Bali07Nobel 1995, SciBytes#4116: Paul J Crutzen, FAAAS1968 All PAPS CLIM 760509409328 249 WP? W.P? aerosols, ozone Max Planck Inst.for Chemistry, Mainz
52CMOS06 CMOS08 119: Ian Burton, FRSC, FWAAS1962AR4 wg2All PAPS CLIM 980230218186 246 WP? W.P? adaptation, risk managementEnv. Canada AIRG; emeritus, IES, U Toronto, ON
53UCS08 121: James C Zachos, FAGU1988AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 951206202150 243 WP? W.P? paleo, abrupt change, geochemUniversity of California, Santa Cruz, USA
54SCS03 UCS08 123: Dennis Baldocchi, FAGU1982 All PAPS CLIM 474454327305 240 WP? W.P? ecosystem rates of gas exchU Calif, Berkeley, CA
55SCS03C&O128: John T Andrews, FAGU1965 All PAPS CLIM 328157149111 237 WP? W.P? paleo, ice coresU Colorado, Boulder, CO
56  131: Owen B Toon, FAGU1975 All PAPS CLIM 281205220183 234 WP? W.P? soot, radiative forcing, nuclear winterU. Colorado, Boulder
57FB03 133: Graeme L Stephens, FAGU, FAAAS1977 All PAPS CLIM 418307201194 232 WP? W.P? clouds, water vaporColorado State U, Fort Collins
58CA03 UN07 MHND CCC09JIMM08 NPFhost134: James J O'Brien, FAGU1966 All PAPS CLIM 228183182135 232 WP? W.P? ENSO, ocean windsemeritus, founder of COAPS, Florida State U.
59CMOS06 CMOS08 Bali07 138: John P Smol, FRSC1982 All PAPS CLIM 191170157154 228 WP? W.P? biogeochem, diatoms, response to clim.chQueen's U, Kingston, ON
60  142: William J Parton, FAGU1972 All PAPS CLIM 1472639524473 226 WP? W.P? BGC cycles, soil organic matterColorado State U, Fort Collins, CO
61 SciBytes#1 NPFhost143: Daniel J Jacob, FAGU1985AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 312253242204 226 WP? W.P? modeling, atm chemistryDept of Earth and Planetary Sci, Harvard U
62Bali07 146: Michael Schulz, FAGUno cvAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 197975866 226 WP? W.P? aerosols, meas and modelingInstitut Pierre Simon Laplace, LSCE, CEA-CNRS-UVSQ, Saclay, FR
63UCS08 154: Ronald G Prinn, FAGU, FAAAS1971AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 241213232146 219 WP? W.P? atm chemistry, predictionDept of Earth, Atm and Planetary Sci, MIT, USA, New Zealand
64  156: John E Walsh, FAAAS1974AR4 wg1 leadAll PAPS CLIM 548409214189 218 WP? W.P? arctic, antarctic climateUniversity of Alaska, USA
65FB03refs 158: William Rossow, FAGU1976 All PAPS CLIM 817608297241 217 WP? W.P? clouds, radiative balanceNASA GISS
66SCS03 163: Gerald R North, FAGU, FAAAS1966 All PAPS CLIM 710282173105 215 WP? W.P? paleo, modeling, attributionTexas A&M U, College Station, TX
67 C&O164: Wally S Broecker, FAGU1958 All PAPS CLIM 1039464485410 214 WP? W.P? ocean, reconstructionLamont-Doherty Earth Obs., Colubmia U.
68Bali07 173: Paulo Artaxo, FAAAS1985AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 268215204127 210 WP? W.P? smoke and cloud formationInstituto de Fisica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
69Bali07 UCS08 CLI09 175: Richard CJ Somerville, FAAAS1966AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 2871029040 210 WP? W.P? modeling, clouds, ITCZScripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, USA
70  176: Keith Shine, FRS1980sAR2 leadAll PAPS CLIM 308215193113 209 WP? W.P? radiative forcingsOxford U, U Reading
71Bali07 177: Michael J Prather, FAAAS1976AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1338596401354 208 WP? W.P? atm chem, ozone, OH-Earth System Science Department, University of California at Irvine, USA
72SCS03 UCS08 184: Pieter P Tans, FAGU1978 All PAPS CLIM 1023549275263 207 WP? W.P? carbon cycle balance, sinks, methaneCIRES; NOAA/CMDL, Boulder, CO
73 noSw07 Bali07 UCS08(LSDeniers) (TGGWS)186: Carl Wunsch, FAGU, FAAAS1966 All PAPS CLIM 428307303277 206 WP? W.P? ocean circulation, assimilationPAOC, MIT, Cambridge, MA
74 C&O187: David A Hodell, FAGU1986 All PAPS CLIM 254186179115 206 WP? W.P? paleo, droughtU Cambridge
75  196: Peter V Hobbs, FAMS, FAGU, FAAAS1963 All PAPS CLIM 729594299235 200 WP? W.P? atm chem, aerosols, cloudsU Washington
76  202: Judith Lean, FAGU1980AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 527226217215 197 WP? W.P? radiative forcing, solar var.Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC
77 (LSDeniers) NPFhosts209: Stephen E Schwartz, FAGU, FAAAS1968AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1005359309147 195 WP? W.P? radiative forcingBrookhaven National Lab
78Bali07 UCS08 CVX 214: Guy P Brasseur, FAGU1976AR4 wg1 CLA ch.7All PAPS CLIM 486299219187 193 WP? W.P? atm. Chemistry, ozone, sulphur cycleNCAR, Boulder
79FB03 219: Steven C Wofsy, FAGU, FAAAS1971AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 585521424413 191 WP? W.P? forest CO2 sequestrationDivision of Engineering and AppliedScience, Harvard University, USA
80CMOS06 CMOS08 240: Lawrence A Mysak, FCMOS, FAGUPhD All PAPS CLIM 524166132120 183 WP? W.P? atm-ocean coupling, modelingMcGill U, Montreal, QC
81SCS03 CLI09 246: Peter H Gleick, FAAAS1986 All PAPS CLIM 490312238204 181 WP? W.P? water resourcesPres and founder, Pacific Inst, Oakland, CA
82 NPFhost247: Dennis L Hartmann, FAGU, FAAAS1975 All PAPS CLIM 288281144151 181 WP? W.P? variability, clouds, radiative balanceU Washington
83 NPFhost248: Judith A Curry, FAGU1982 All PAPS CLIM 626209205144 181 WP? W.P? clouds, atm physics, hurricanesGeorgia Tech
84  260: Russ E Davis, FAGU1967 All PAPS CLIM 366325233170 179 WP? W.P? ocean circulationIGPP, Scripps Inst., La Jolla, CA
85SCS03 UCS08 Monaco09 CLI09 261: Michael C MacCracken, FAAAS1968AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 148644739 179 WP? W.P? dust, modeling, impactsLLNL, Livermore / Climate Institute
86Bali07 268: Peter J Webster, FAGU, FAAAS1972 All PAPS CLIM 596587501434 176 WP? W.P? monsoon prediction, modeling, ENSOGeorgia Tech
87  269: Laurent Labeyrie, FAGU1971AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 809413345317 176 WP? W.P? paleo, ocean sediment tracersLaboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l.Environnement, France
88  270: Malcolm K Hughes, FAGU1970 All PAPS CLIM 824822224197 176 WP? W.P? historical temp., LIAU Ariz.
89SCS03 UCS08 SotP09 271: Daniel P Schrag, FAGU1993 All PAPS CLIM 611313171117 176 WP? W.P? paleo, snowball earthHarvard U
90SCS03 275: Amy Clement, FAGU1999AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 472164143103 173 WP? W.P? forcings, circulationUniversity of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, USA
91Bali07ESI01#2 276: Klaus Hasselmann, FAGU1957 All PAPS CLIM 576484295268 172 WP? W.P? climate dynamics, remote sensingprof. emertius
92SCS03C&O278: Lloyd D Keigwin, FAGU__ All PAPS CLIM 350283236217 172 WP? W.P? paleo, rapid changeWHOI, Falmouth, MA
93not mainly solar 288: William F Ruddiman, FAGU1969 All PAPS CLIM 477284249211 169 WP? W.P? paleo, anthro forcingsemeritus of U Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
94Bali07 UCS08 289: Murugesu Sivapalan, FAGU1986 All PAPS CLIM 383256167122 169 WP? W.P? hydrology, modelingU Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, IL
95UCS08 SotP09 291: Gifford H Miller, FAGU1975 All PAPS CLIM 12812811193 169 WP? W.P? ice sheets, paleo, LGMU Colorado, Boulder, CO
96CCSP04 Bali07 UCS08ESI01#5 C&O292: James W Hurrell, FAMS1990AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 2176864673482 167 WP? W.P? NAONational Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
97UCS08 CCSP08 SotP09 CLI09ESI01#18298: William H Schlesinger, FAGU, MNAS1976 All PAPS CLIM 11361055897617 166 WP? W.P? soil chem, biogeochem cyclesNicholas Inst, Duke U, & Cary Inst. Of Ecosystem Studied, Millbrook, NY
98dT(2x)>1.5C 303: Jeffrey Park, FAGU__ All PAPS CLIM 168148134128 164 WP? W.P? climate sensitivityYale U, New Haven, CT
99 NPFhost308: Kirk Bryan, FAGU1957 All PAPS CLIM 770281215121 163 WP? W.P? ocean modelingGFDL, ESSA, Princeton, NJ
100ISI highly cited 316: Roger Atkinson, FAGU, FAAAS1969 All PAPS CLIM 491194175148 161 WP? W.P? atm chemistryU Calif. Riverside
101  318: Joseph M Prospero, FAGU, FAAAS1963 All PAPS CLIM 454369353319 159 WP? W.P? marine aerosols, atm chemU Miami
102 NPFhost CGCS09327: Jorge L Sarmiento, FAGU, FAAAS1978 All PAPS CLIM 575421329295 157 WP? W.P? ocean biogeochemistryPrinceton U
103UKsc09 329: Timothy N Palmer, FRSPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 471269258200 157 WP? W.P? ECMWF, validationECMWF, UK
104Bali07 337: Anny Cazenave, FAGU1975AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 143137128102 154 WP? W.P? sea level riseLaboratoire d.Etudes en G?ophysique et Oc?anographie Spatiale (LEGOS), CNES, France
105UCS08 340: Rafael L Bras, FAGU1975 All PAPS CLIM 316245243138 153 WP? W.P? hydroclimatologyDean, Samueli School, UC Davis, CA
106SCS03 UCS08 360: Michael D King, FAGU1977 All PAPS CLIM 406322304264 148 WP? W.P? aerosols, remote sensingNASA EOS, Greenbelt, MD
107  362: Isaac M Held, FAGU1976AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 237200158132 148 WP? W.P? atm. Eddies, modelingPrinceton U, NJ / NOAA GFDL
108 ESI01#15 ESI06#3371: James E Hansen, FAGU1967AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1001795583483 146 WP? W.P? climate forcings, atm physics, modelingColumbia Univ., NASA GISS
109dT(2x)>1.5C 380: Robert A Berner, MNAS1962 All PAPS CLIM 14181040848685 144 WP? W.P? BGC, chemical sedimentologyemeritus, Yale U
110  384: Thomas P Ackerman, FAAAS1976 All PAPS CLIM 2221873135131 144 WP? W.P? radiative forcing, cloudsU Washington
111UCS08NPFhost393: Joseph A Berry, FAGU1970AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1520538507484 141 WP? W.P? photosynthesis, plant physiologyCarnegie Institute of Washington, Stanford, CA
112SEPP92 LZ95 CA02 CA03 CA06 TGGWS UN07 Cato09 CCC09LSDeniers JIMM08399: Richard Lindzen, FAGU1964 All PAPS CLIM 372335295274 140 WP? W.P? QBO, maritime clouds, iris effect?M.I.T., Cambridge, MA
113noSw07 412: Harry Elderfield, FAGU1970 All PAPS CLIM 221215196173 137 WP? W.P? paleo, ocean tracersU Cambridge
114  413: Anne M Thompson, FAMS, FAGU, FAAAS1978 All PAPS CLIM 30114112799 137 WP? W.P? biogeochem, remote sensingPenn State U
115  421: Richard H Moss, FAAAS1987 All PAPS CLIM 48037711375 136 WP? W.P? land cover, impacts and risksWWF
116realclimate SCS03 UCS08 441: Raymond Pierrehumbert, FAGU1980 All PAPS CLIM 176154150144 132 WP? W.P? dynamics, shear, instabilitiesU Chicago
117Bali07 442: John Wahr, FAGU1979 All PAPS CLIM 240197134125 132 WP? W.P? GRACE remote sensingCIRES fellow
118Bali07 451: Kip V Hodges, FAGU1982 All PAPS CLIM 310284198157 130 WP? W.P? paleo, atm dynamicsSESE, Arizona State U, Phoenix, AZ
119Monaco09 461: Richard Feely, FAGU1974AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 277256190175 128 WP? W.P? ocean CO2 sinkNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Pacifi c Marine Environmental Laboratory, USA
120 NPFhost473: L Ruby Leung, FAAASPhDAR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 1061048877 126 WP? W.P? hydrology, downscaling, aerosolsNOAA Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA
121  498: Rik Wanninkhof, FAGU1986AR4 wg1All PAPS CLIM 761277260190 121 WP? W.P? ocean CO2 sinkAtlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA
122  506: Peter Liss, CBE, FRS1975 All PAPS CLIM 611556530454 120 WP? W.P? biogeochem, air-sea exch.U East Anglia, Norwich
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