Greg Steffan

Associate Professor &
Jeffrey Skoll Chair in
Software Engineering
ECE, U of Toronto

It is with deep sadness that we
announce Professor Greg Steffan's
passing on July 24, 2014.

Research Team
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Research Team

My research team is always interested in talented new members. Please check out my research page for example recent/ongoing projects, and some of the representative papers listed there for each.

If you are interested in applying for graduate studies, please go here.

Current Members

Eric LaForest
Current position: PhD Candidate
PhD thesis: High-Performance Overlay Architecture for FPGAs
MASc thesis: Efficient Multi-Ported Memories for FPGAs
Mihai Burcea
Current position: PhD Candidate
PhD thesis: Support for Variable-Granularity Conflict Tracking
Ilian Tili
Current position: MASc Candidate
MASc thesis: Compiling for a High-ILP/TLP Soft Processor
Kalin Ovtcharov
Current position: MASc Candidate
MASc thesis: Designing a High-ILP/TLP Soft Processor
Rafat Rashid
Current position: MASc Candidate
MASc thesis: Dual-Engine Soft Processors
Stuart Byma
Current position: MASc Candidate
MASc thesis: Virtualization for Soft Packet Processing Engines
Siu Pak Mok
Current position: MASc Candidate
MASc thesis: Compiling for Soft Accelerators
Matthew An
Current position: MASc Candidate
MASc thesis: Paralellization using Transactional Memory
Zimo Li
Current position: MASc Candidate
MASc thesis: TBD


Martin Labrecque
Current position:Founding Breqlabs
PhD thesis: Overlay Architectures for FPGA-Based Software Packet Processing
MASc thesis: Towards a Compilation Infrastructure for Network Processors
Sina Meraji
Post-Doc: Transactional Memory
Current position: IBM Markham, Hardware Acceleration Lab
Ming Liu
Current position:PhD candidate at MIT CSAIL
Summer Intern: XOR-Based Multiported Memories
Chuck Zhao
Current position: Samsung Research
PhD thesis: Compiler Support for Fine-Grain Software-Only Checkpointing
Emma Rapati
Current position:Google, Mountainview
4th year thesis: XOR-Based Multiported Memories
Diego Huang
Current position:Amazon Toronto
MASc thesis: Programmer-Guided Automatic Parallelization
Mark Jeffrey
Current position:AeroFS, Palo Alto
MASc thesis: Understanding and Improving Bloom Filters for Lazy Transactional Memory
Danyao Wang
Current position: Google Waterloo
MASc thesis: An FPGA-based Accelerator Platform for Network-on-Chip Simulation
Steven Birk
Current position: Oanda Toronto
MSc thesis: Parallelizing FPGA Placement Using Transactional Memory
Peter Yiannacouras
Current position: Altera Toronto Technology Center
PhD thesis: FPGA-Based Soft Vector Processors
MASc thesis: The Microarchitecture of FPGA-Based Soft Processors
Jeremy Cutler
Current position: Etsy
MASc thesis: Pipeline Threading of Legacy Applications for Commodity Multicores
Jeff Kingyens
Current position:, Palo Alto, CA
MASc thesis: A GPU-Inspired Soft Processor for High-Throughput Acceleration
Marek Olszewski
Current position: CTO at Locu
MASc thesis: A Dynamic Instrumentation Approach to Software Transactional Memory
Jeff da Silva
Current position: Altera Santa Cruz
MASc thesis: A Probabilistic Pointer Analysis for Speculative Optimizations
Stanley Fung
Current position: ITG Asia Pacific, Hong Kong
MASc thesis: Improving Cache Locality for Thread-Level Speculation