An Easy-To-Use Graphics Interface to X11, PostScript, and Win32 Displays

Version 2.0 Click here
EasyGL is a graphics interface to X Windows, MS Windows and PostScript output that was designed to be easy to use by those unfamiliar with X Windows, MS Windows and PostScript. It is also cross-platform compatible -- your graphics will work on any of those 3 platforms, without any changes to your code. It is written in C++.

EasyGL insulates the user from the details of X/MS Windows or PostScript. One subroutine call initializes the graphics display or PostScript file, another closes it down, and in between simple subroutine calls are used to draw graphics primitives. EasyGL handles the redrawing of a window after it has been obscured or resized. EasyGL also allows the user to pan or zoom the displayed graphics by clicking on on-screen buttons -- all transparently to the program incorporating EasyGL. The picture below shows the graphics primitives currently available in EasyGL. To see some more complex graphics generated by a program which uses EasyGL as its graphics interface, click here.

Graphics Primitives

[Example Graphics]

More Technical Information

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