A key aspect of this centre is the connection to the underlying hardware of mobile devices.  We plan to carefully track the capabilities of the rapidly evolving mobile devices, and the externally-connectible sensors and actuators.  These are sometimes referred to as the 'Internet of Things.'

For example, there are a number of external sensors already available that are low cost, and connect wirelessly to recent devices.

The TI Sensor Tag (pictured at below), which costs just $25, contains 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensors (called a '9-axis' sensor) in addition to temperature, air pressure and humidity sensors, and is connected to a phone through a low-power wireless connection.


The Node Sensor (shown below) has the ability to swap in and out a wide variety of sensors, in addition to a core 9-axis capability.

Recon instruments has a number of devices that it sells, including the Recon Jet (shown below), a wearable display, and Snow 2, ski goggles with display.