Research Projects

MyAnkle - Aid to Recovery of Ankle Injuries - Measuring Ankle Stability

Measurement of Social Anxiety Severity Through Mobile Data

Eye-Tracking Technology and Applications to Cognition Measurement

Smoking Cessation - An evidence-based Mobile App: My Change Plan 

Smoking Cessation - Conversational agents to help in cessation

Mobile Eye Perimetry

Mobile Computer Vision and Applications in Imaging

ASD Playdate - Helping Autistic Children find playmates and organizing play

RoamGame - Measuring Intolerance of Uncertainty Through a Game

Spin-off Companies

Curovate - Recovery from ACL Reconstruction Surgery 

Undergraduate Projects

Prescribo-MyAnkle - Patient-Physiotherapist Prescription and Measurement

Gamification of Perimetery

EyeAm - Measuring Personality Through Eye Tracking