FPGAs: Technology Challenges and Market Expansion

David Rutledge

Chief Technology Officer Lattice Semiconductor Corp

October, 2011

For years, FPGAs have been viewed as technology drivers - always
moving to the most advanced process nodes in order to provide the
highest possible gate density and speed - often at a high price in
terms of power and cost.

This talk will focus on a number technology and market trends that
create both challenges and opportunities for not only the FPGA
industry but the semiconductor industry as a whole.

TECHNOLOGY:  Moore's Law and More Than Moore
As Moore's Law moves us inexorably toward quantum limits, the benefits
of each new node (speed, power, area) are less compelling while the
costs are rapidly increasing. We will explore some of the fundamental
challenges and opportunities that face today's semiconductor industry.

MARKETS & APPLICATIONS: Emergence of Mobile Computing
Recent trends in mobile computing are driving a significant change to
the technology landscape. While classic FPGA applications have been
driven by a philosophy of "speed at any cost", today's consumer
mobile appliances are driving new markets and applications that value
low-cost and low-power above other factors. Once the domain of
ASIC-only implementations (due to cost and power requirements), we
will discuss some of the innovative technologies and products that
Lattice has developed in order to expand the domain of FPGAs into
these new markets and applications.