Virtualized FPGA Accelerators in Cloud Computing Systems

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Stuart Byma

University of Toronto

Nov, 2013

Cloud computing is a billion dollar industry, and one that FPGAs have

not yet broken into in a significant way. FPGAs do not readily conform

to cloud computing principals, such as resource abstraction,

virtualization and elasticity, and therefore present an interesting

problem -- can we get user accessible FPGA acceleration, while still

retaining a true cloud architecture? By abstracting FPGA accelerators

as resources analogous to Virtual Machines, we can use the same system

to manage them -- enabling user-accessible *and*

user-programmable hardware acceleration in the cloud, with all the

benefits that go along with it. This talk will present some thoughts

on this idea, and present a method for implementing it the context of

OpenStack, an open source cloud computing management system.