There will be two kinds of assignments for the two different types of students in this course - the programmers, and the people from non-programming application disciplines.  Please note: all programming assignments in this course are targeted to the Android mobile phone development platform;  if you wish to do this course/project based on the iPhone platform, you will need to acquire your own Macintosh computer and essentially 'translate' the assigments, as necessary to the iPhone platform.  

Programming Assignments 

P1. Introducing Yourself + Development Environment and Simple Widgets

P2. Containers, Fragments, Select, Lists and Files

P3. Location, Motion Sensors and Image Capture

P4. Threads and Databases

"Apper" = Non-Programmer

Apper Assignments: 

A1. Introducing Yourself + Connecting Your Field to the Mobile Devices Field

A2. App Design Principles, Mockingbird & Practice      Link to Alternative Moqups Signup for Free

A3. Understanding Parts of the Canvas

A4. Creativity, Sensors and You