ECE 241F - Digital Systems

Fall 2006          S. Brown, J. Rose, K. Truong, B. Wang


Midterms from Previous Years



This page contains links previous year’s midterms.  Please note that in previous years, different material was covered in the lectures and labs before the midterms.  So, some of the questions will not be relevant for your study for this year’s midterm.  For example, we have not yet covered the topic of  building logic gates from transistors, so there will be no questions concerning that topic, and we will have covered a few topics in sequential logic..


The midterm this year will cover material up to and including the lecture material in the week previous to the midterm, on sequential logic, as described on the schedule.   The midterm will also cover all material learned in the laboratories to date.


Note that the midterm is open text – you may bring the textbook, but no photocopies of the text.


Also, we urge you not to look at the solutions given before you’ve made a good attempt to try the questions.  Questions look far easier when you’re looking at the solutions, and you mislead yourself as to your ability to answer questions by simply perusing the solutions.


Each of these midterms is in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format:


Midterm from 2005   Solutions to 2005 Midterm


Midterm from 2004  Solutions to 2004 Midterm


Midterm from 2003 Fall


Midterm from 2003 Spring


Midterm From 2002


Midterm from 1999


Midterm from 1998