Special Topics in Software Engineering: Dependable Systems

ECE 1724, Fall 2007
University of Toronto

Instructor: Ashvin Goel
Course Number: ECE 1724
Course Time: Thursday, 4-6 pm
Course Room: GB 221
Start Date: Sep 20, 2007

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Accessing ACM papers via UTOR Library

Here are the instructions for accessing the ACM library from home if you do not have an ACM account.

  1. Using a web browser, visit UoT Library.
  2. Select menu "Resources" -> "Find articles" -> "Scholars Portal multi-database search".
  3. Use either UTORid or library card to login.
  4. The system redirects you to "Scholars Portal Search", enter the paper title, e.g. "Efficient Software-Based Fault Isolation", select "Subject Area" - "Technology", click "Search".
  5. Click the image button "get it! U of T Libraries". In the new window, under "Get your article online", click "Full text from: Association for Computing Machinery ". The system will redirect you to the paper provider's site.
  6. Depending on the search content, sometimes there is a direct link to download the article; sometimes there is no direct link but please use the Search Engine in the paper provider's site (e.g. ACM portal) to locate the article, and download the article from the search result.