Special Topics in Software Engineering: Dependable Systems

ECE 1724, Fall 2007
University of Toronto

Instructor: Ashvin Goel
Course Number: ECE 1724
Course Time: Thursday, 4-6 pm
Course Room: GB 221
Start Date: Sep 20, 2007

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Presentation Format

Each presentation should be sent by email to the instructor before the day of the presentation and it should be in PDF format (no other format is accepted). Please make sure that the slides of the presentation are numbered. Please use at least 24 point font for text on slides. For a 15-20 minute presentation, do not use more than 20 slides or else the presentation will appear rushed. You are welcome to send slides to the instructor a few days before the presentation to get additional help.

While students are welcome to present papers as they wish, here is an outline of a presentation that should help you get started.

After the presentation the student is expected to lead a 20-30 minute in-depth discussion of the paper. This discussion should aim to answer the following questions:

To aid in this discussion, each student presentation must end with a list of 5 specific questions that the student can ask other students and should be prepared to answer. The student must also have the answers for each of the questions at the end of the slides. Organize the questions and answers in separate slides. For example, if slide 18 is your last slide, then slide 19 should have the first question, slide 20 should have the answer to the first question, slide 21 should have the second question, etc.

These questions should be of a critical nature and should help in analyzing the paper, i.e., questions with obvious answers are not interesting for discussion. For example, suppose one of the stated contributions of the paper is that it "Enables secure routing". One question might be: how secure is the routing and what strategies discussed in the paper make it secure?