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AJ Guillon

Khronos Group

April 2015


The Khronos OpenCL specification is a standard for parallel

heterogeneous computing that enables software to leverage CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, or other accelerators detected in a system. It provides a set of abstractions that can obtain peak performance on physical hardware across processor architectures. OpenCL standardizes a common device programming language so that developers can write software to run on any supported processor. Today, OpenCL is available on everything from a mobile device to a supercomputer.

This talk will explain the role of Khronos in the development of the OpenCL standard, and how the standard is strengthened by public participation through provisional releases. Khronos recently released the provisional OpenCL 2.1 specification that introduces an OpenCL C++ kernel language, and SPIR-V intermediate representation for device programs. The potential challenges associated with migration of FPGA software from OpenCL 1.0 (currently supported by Xilinx and Altera) to future versions will be discussed. The speaker will provide his own vision for future of heterogeneous computing enabled by future OpenCL standards.

About the Speaker

AJ Guillon is a Khronos member and actively contributed to the new OpenCL C++ kernel language, provisionally released as part of OpenCL 2.1.  AJ is an alumni of the University of Toronto where he completed his Honors Bachelor of Science with a strong focus on mathematics, operating system design, and computer science theory.  His passions include big, fast computers and the theory that powers them.  AJ is a masters swimmer, water polo player, and enjoys rock climbing when time permits.game of thrones