This page contains the final presentations and reports for many of the projects that were done in ECE 1778 in the January-April 2012 version of the course.  Many thanks to Harpreet Dhariwal and his team from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering,  for filming and editing the video presentations given below.

EYEDentify - Game to help autistic children learn emotions - VIDEO  REPORT

EncountAR - Augmented Reality interaction with Museum Exhibits - VIDEO  REPORT

CheckARs - Augmented Reality Checkers - VIDEO  REPORT

MoverBot - Remote control of a robotic car, using phone's sensors, camera and wireless - VIDEO  REPORT

CampusNaut - Anthropological instrument that watches how students explore the campus - VIDEO  REPORT

Clinical Trials Server - Create and track clinical trials - VIDEO  REPORT

DriveMod - Monitor and Measure Car Driving Quality  - VIDEO  REPORT

MyWalk - Measure Walking Gait and Help Correct Problems  - VIDEO  REPORT Subsequent Paper

Running Game - Game where real running helps you win - VIDEO  REPORT

SurgicalBlackBox - surgery  video and data stream for review/annotation - VIDEO  REPORT Follow-On1 Follow-On2

Motion-o-Meter - measure musician's motion and characterize it - VIDEO  REPORT

FitFormula - measure your fitness and suggest fitness program and monitor progress - VIDEO  REPORT

GPSFriends - social interaction in a local geography - VIDEO  REPORT

TorontoInform - Museum-like interaction with the City of Toronto - VIDEO  REPORT

Music Tapper - real-time creation of guitar-hero like interaction with music - VIDEO  REPORT

Psychology Experiment Creator - Psychological Experiments measuring the brain - VIDEO  REPORT