There will be two kinds of assignments for the two different types of students in this course - the programmers, and the people from non-programming application disciplines.  Please note: all programming assignments in this course are targeted to the Android mobile phone development platform;  if you wish to do this course/project based on the iPhone platform, you will need to acquire your own Macintosh computer and essentially 'translate' the assigments, as necessary to the iPhone platform.  

Programming Assignments: 

P1. Development Environment and Simple Widgets

P2. Containers, Select, Lists and Files

P3. Location, Motion Sensors and Image Capture

P4. Threads and Databases

"Apper" = Non-Programmer

Apper Assignments: 

A1. Connecting Your Field to the Mobile Devices Field

A2. App Design Principles, Mockingbird & Practice

A3. Understanding Parts of the Canvas

A4. Creativity, Sensors and You