Graduate students with programming-oriented backgrounds will be graded based on the technical quality of the project, and on their interaction with non-programming project partner(s). Students working on the non-programming portion of the project will be graded, in part, on their contribution to their discipline, and on their ability to engage with their programming partner(s).

Grading will be on a few basic programming assignments, project proposals, and final project report and presentation. Non-technical students will do some basic programming.

Grade Breakdown

4 Assignments 16%

Class Participation 9%

Project (75% Total), broken down as follows:

  • Proposal 5%
  • Project Plan (incl presentation) 10%
  • Spiral 2 Presentation 10%
  • Spiral 4 Presentation 10%
  • Presentation/Demo 10%
  • Final Report30%


For Android-based programmers, we will be making direct use of  two books: The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Developmentand The Busy Coder’s Guide to Advanced Android DevelopmentIt is part of a set of three books that can be purchased online for $USD 40.  See the Commonsware web page for all three books.    In addition, the third book is a series of tutorials on specific topics: Android Programming Tutorials.

If you're going to use the iPhone, I'd recommend Beginning iOS 5 Development, by David Mark, Jack Nutting and Jeff LaMarche,  which can be purchased electronically, right off the Apress website.