Project List

Below are a list of most of the projects from this course, done in January - April, 2013.  There is a brief description of the project, a link to a video* of the demonstration, and the final report.  In several cases, there is also a link to the an open-source archive of the source code for the project. 

*Many thanks to Matthieu Gagne, from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, for doing a excellent job of recording and editing these videos.

Snap 'n Dose: Proper Dosing of Children's Medicine  - Video - Final Report

The Mobile Stage: Augmented Reality & Audience Interactive Theatre Experience - Video - Final Report - Source Code

MindfulME: Journaling and Intervention for Addictions - Video - Final Report

Android Robotic Manipulator: Smartphone-Based Control of a Robot - Video - Final Report - Source Code

LunchTime: Helping Children Learn to Tell Time - Video - Final Report - Source Code

New Canuck: Helping Immigrants Learn Local Culture, Crowd-Sourced - Video - Final Report - Source Code

NoPain: Management of Chronic Pain - Video - Final Report

SocialSurvey: Game-Based Class Survey - Video - Final Report

iTracker: Diagnosis of Eye Movement - Video - Final Report

eXperience: Sampling for Psychology Research - Video - Final Report - Source Code

InterACT: Augmented Reality Stage - Video - Final Report

UrbanEyes: Data Collection for Urban Planning  - Video - Final Report - Source Code

Concept Connect: Associative Thinking Game - Video - Final Report

Meter Minder: Measuring Home Energy Consumption - Video - Final Report

Code Blue: Helping Emergency Doctors and Nurses - Video - Final Report

Mozart's Ear: Music Transcription and Analysis - Video - Final Report - Source Code

Mam 3D Viewer: Augmented Reality 3D Construction - Video - Final Report - Source Code

MusicPad: Music Through Movement- Video - Final Report