Project Videos

The videos* below are direct links to the final presentation and demonstrations of the course projects this year.  Clicking on the underlined description will take you to the final report submitted for the project.  The source code link, if present, takes you to an archive of the open-sourced code. 

*Many thanks to Matthieu Gagne, from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, for doing a excellent job of recording and editing these videos.

Snap 'n Dose: Proper Dosing of Children's Medicine

The Mobile Stage: Augmented Reality Interactive Theatre Experience

Source Code

MindfulME: Journaling and Intervention for Addictions

Android Robotic Manipulator: Smartphone-Based Control of a Robot 

Source Code

LunchTime: Helping Children Learn to Tell Time

Source Code

New Canuck: Helping Immigrants Learn Local Culture, Crowd-Sourced - Source Code

NoPain: Management of Chronic Pain

SocialSurvey: Game-Based Class Survey

iTracker: Diagnosis of Eye MovementFinal Report

eXperience: Sampling for Psychology Research

Source Code

InterACT: Augmented Reality Stage

UrbanEyes: Data Collection for Urban Planning

Source Code

Concept Connect: Associative Thinking Game

Meter Minder: Measuring Home Energy Consumption

Code Blue: Helping Emergency Doctors and Nurses

Mozart's Ear: Music Transcription and Analysis 

Source Code

Mam 3D Viewer: Augmented Reality 3D Construction

Source Code

MusicPad: Music Through Movement