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Sorin P. Voinigescu
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Toronto

My main research goal is to investigate and demonstrate monolithic quantum processor architectures with millions of qubits and classical control and readout electronics integrated on the same die in commercial large volume silicon foundry technologies. We also continue to explore novel electronic devices, THz and photonics systems on chip (SoCs), to demonstrate their commercial viability, hopefully leading to new applications for nano-electronics, new products, new companies and wealth creation. The main applications are in quantum computation, telecommunications, radiometry, radio astronomy, high-resolution imaging, industrial, remote, and environmental sensing. Current research themes are

  1. Elevated temperature, large scale monolithic quantum processors in silicon

  2. Teraherz sampling techniques for analog and mixed-signal processing

  3. mm-wave radios, sensors, radars, and imagers

  4. Energy-efficient Tb/s photonic transceivers

Please send your comments to sorinv@ece.utoronto.ca
Prospective graduate students must first apply and be accepted for graduate studies. Women, persons with disabilities, Black and Indigenous people are encouraged to apply. U of T has committed to fostering an environment that can leverage all forms of diversity to promote inclusivity and create opportunities to work collaboratively across cultures.

Updated May 2022