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Ding Yuan

Sandford Fleming 2002E
10 King's College Road
Toronto, ON M5S 3G4 Canada
yuan at eecg dot toronto dot edu

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About me

I am an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and (by courtesy) Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto. I joined Univ. of Toronto in January 2013, after I received my Ph.D from the Computer Science Department of University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign under the supervision of a great advisor, Yuanyuan Zhou. From 2009 to 2012 I was also a visiting student in the awesome System and Networking group of University of California, San Diego. I received a B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Beihang University.

(New) Check out CLP, an open-source tool that can compress text logs and search compressed logs without decompression.

My research interest is systems software, with a focus on developing practical solutions to improve the availability and performance of large software systems.

I am a Canada Research Chair in Systems Software and a recipient of McCharles Prize for Early Career Research Distinction. I also received a few teaching awards, including the Gordon Slemon award and Student Choice Award (upper year instructor) of Faculty of Engineering.

I am looking for self motivated students to work with me. If you are interested, please submit your application here.


  • 2021/8: YScope, our startup to work on our open-source log compression and search technology, is launched.
  • 2020/5: Yongle Zhang will join Purdue as an assistant professor! Congrats Yongle!!
  • 2020/5: Aspirator is now part of Google's error-prone static checker. See the pull request.
  • 2019/10: Xu Zhao will join Facebook! Congrats Xu!!
  • 2018/1: Xu Zhao won Facebook Fellowship! Congrats Xu!
  • [Publication] 2017/3: Our JVM warm-up paper appears in Usenix ;login:
  • [Impact] 2016/10: Our JVM warm-up paper is covered by The Next Platform.
  • [Impact] 2016/8: Caitie McCaffrey gave an amazing presentation on our Simple Testing paper in Papers We Love@QCon New York.
  • [Job] 2015/4: Yongle will intern in Microsoft Research Redmond this summer.
  • [Publication] 2015/2: Our OSDI paper on failure analysis appears in usenix ;login:
  • [Impact] 2014/10: HBase developers will use aspirator, a simple bug finding tool described in our OSDI paper, as their compile-time checker!
  • [Impact] 2014/10: Our OSDI paper on distributed system failures prompted many online discussions:
  • [Fun] 2014/10: Yongle and I each gave a talk in OSDI; Yongle gave a cool demo of lprof in his talk, making his advisor look bad as I did not do one in mine :)
  • [Publication] 2014/7: We have two papers accepted by OSDI'14!
  • [Job] 2014/4: Xu will go to the Bay area for a summer internship in Twitter.
  • Selected publications


    It is fun to work with the following incredible people:

    Graduate students:



    Program committee


    I play a lot of sports, including basketball, skiing, swimming, and running. I served as captain of the Beihang's CSE basketball team and co-captain of the UIUC CS faculty & grad-student basketball team in the intramural games. I also ran some marathon and half-marathons (see a recent photo here). When I have more time, I also play accordion.

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