Instructor: Ding Yuan
Course Number: ECE344

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Operating Systems

ECE344, Winter 2020
University of Toronto

Lab Documentation for ECE344

We will be using the ECE UG Workstation Labs for ECE344.

These documents will be helpful for the ECE344 labs.

Remote Access to ECE344 Lab Machines

Lab Machine Issues

Some students exceed their disk quota and then they are unable to access the lab machines. In this case, a remote ssh connection will still work (from ECF machines, or from a friend's account). After logging into the lab machines, run the command

du -sk * .??*

to find out exactly where the space is being used. Huge browser caches and/or unemptied Trash are the usual causes. You can also use the command

quota -s

to find out your disk quota on the machines.

If you have additional issues with the lab machines, including with forgotten passwords, please contact Tim Trant, the lab administrator, and make sure to include your UTORID in your email.

The C Language

Here are some links to tutorials for C.