Projects and Videos

These are most of the projects created in the 2014 version of this course.  Below you will find a video, a link to the final report, and in some cases, a link to the software repository of the project as well as any other relevant links for that project.

Baton - Helping Teachers Determine Why Student is Raising Their Hand

CBC Metro Morning: Matt Galloway Interviews with Zack Teitel from Baton Application


Surgical Trainer and Navigator - Measuring Surgeon's Movements

Speech Coach - Helping Speakers Give Better Talks

Critter - Make Social Connections with Virtual Pets

MyAlly  - Helping Stressed/Suicidal Teenages Reduce Anxiety

Nutrition Facts - Cut through the noise of Nutrition Labels

Lens Meter - Measure Your Glasses' Strength

StudiBuddies - Students Helping Each other Study

MyKnee - Measure the Range of Motion of Your Knee

NOW Available on the Google Play Store!

Commuter Parking - Predict if your GO Parking Lot is Full

MyLock - Better, Contextual Security for your Phone 

(see below for second video on improved signature recognition)

Worldly Mobile - A Learning Strategy for World Geography

Acoustica - Helping to Author Music 

Asteria - Helping to Position Satellites