ECE 1778

Creative Applications for Mobile Devices

A Project Course open to All Graduate Students 

at the University of Toronto

January- April 2021

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The core purpose of this course is to build a new app for a mobile device (that may well connect to an internet server of some kind), that is interesting, creative, or useful in the field of of the Specialist student.  The proposed projects are subject to instructor approval to ensure that they are at a sufficient level (and also not beyond a sensible scope).

The premise is that, by bringing students from different disciplines together with those with programming skills, that we can create an environment that inspires many new applications in diverse areas.

The first part of the course (see Lectures) will cover the basic programming environment and concepts (for the programmers) and the basic capabilities of the devices (for the non-programmers), as well as some case studies of interesting applications.  Early on, groups of 3 will be formed to do the project.  The project will have several key milestones: 

1. Forming Groups

2. Proposal/Approval of project

3. Plan Document/Presentation

4. Interim Presentations (2)

5. Final Presentation

6. Final Report