ECE 1778

Creative Applications for Mobile Devices

A Project Course open to All Graduate Students 

at the University of Toronto

January- April 2021

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There will be two kinds of assignments for the two different types of students in this course - the programmers, and the people from non-programming application disciplines.  Please note: all programming assignments in this course are targeted to the Android mobile phone development platform;  if you wish to do this course/project based on the iPhone platform, you will need to acquire your own Macintosh computer and essentially 'translate' the assignments, as necessary to the iPhone platform.  

Programming Assignments

Assignment P1 - Introduce Yourself and Dev Environment & Instagram Front-End

Assignment P2 - Advanced UI, File Storage

Assignment P3 - Increased Database Complexity, Database Query, Multi-User Interaction

Specialist Assignments

Assignment S1 - Introduce Yourself & Connecting Your Field to the Software/Mobile Apps

Assignment S2 - Practicing Creativity, App Design Principles, Marvel UI Design App, Critical Feedback and Thinking

Assignment S3 - Brainstorming and Ranking Ideas for Your Project

Assignment S4 - Estimates and Trade-offs in Your Project