ECE 1778

Creative Applications for Mobile Devices

A Project Course open to All Graduate Students 

at the University of Toronto

January- April 2021

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Project Videos and Reports and Source Code

Tootti - Synchronized Recording of Cross-Internet Music

Track-a-mole - Keep track of moles on your body

Protosight - Prototype Creation of Apps and System for User Testing

Ready - Short Quizzes/Exercises for Students & Communication with Teacher

iPhasia - Recovering Speech Capability Through Singing

Re:Food - Training to Resist Food Temptation

Interview Log - Annotation of Recordings for interviews with Users of Software

IllumiSmart - Measuring the Light Environment in Your Workplace

Present Better - Measuring & Trining Non-Verbal Gestures in Presentations

Dynasway: Concussion - Measuring Balance and Walking Effects of Concussion

NWTO - Neighbourhood Watch Information and Communication

U Health - Monitoring Prostate Cancer

Flexinome - A Programmable Metronome and Automated Music Page Turner

ParkinSense - Measuring Parkinson’s Tremors

Lightbulb - Monitoring and Tracking Type 2 Diabetes

PublicProtector - Smartphone Alert System for Dangerous Acts by Authority

CalmMind - Matching Music to Mood and Heart Rate