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DAVID JOHNS and KEN MARTIN , Univ. of Toronto
ISBN: 0-471-14448-7, 706 Pages, Cloth, 1997

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This book is intended for use as a senior or graduate level textbook and as a reference for practicing engineers.

For classroom use, the chapters have intentially been made mostly independent so that some chapters can be covered while others are skipped. Such flexibility is essential in presenting textbooks for the later years of study.

For reference use, this book is intended to rapidly increase a practicing engineer's knowledge of modern analog circuit design. Much of the material was originally taught and refined, over many years, in popular industrial short courses. For this audience, the most important design considerations have been highlighted and modern design examples are included throughout.



Table of Contents

  1. Integrated Circuit Devices and Modelling
  2. Processing and Layout
  3. Basic Current Mirrors and Single-Stage Amplifiers
  4. Noise Analysis and Modelling
  5. Basic Opamp Design and Compensation
  6. Advanced Current Mirrors and Opamps
  7. Comparators
  8. Sample and Holds, Voltage References, and Translinear Circuits
  9. Discrete-Time Signals
  10. Switched-Capacitor Circuits
  11. Data Converter Fundamentals
  12. Nyquist-Rate D/A Converters
  13. Nyquist-Rate A/D Converters
  14. Oversampling Converters
  15. Continuous-Time Filters
  16. Phase-Locked Loops