Jiechen Zhao

PhD Candidate

University of Toronto

I am a graduate student at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), University of Toronto, and I am fortunate to be supervised by Natalie Enright Jerger.

Generally, I am interested in solving problems relating to software infrastructure and heterogeneous hardware in cloud computing.

I worked as a Research Intern in Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research on research projects of resource disaggregation and SmartNIC-enabled systems.

Fiat Lux.

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Solving a problem simply means
representing it so as to
make the solution transparent.
-- Herbert Simon, Sciences of the Artificial

Research Interests

Recent News

  • June, 2023 --- A paper accepted by HotCarbon 2023 colocated with OSDI 2023 at Boston.
  • March, 2023 --- Horned to be awared as "Star of Tomorrow" from Microsoft Research Asia.
  • July, 2022 --- Altocumulus paper accepted by MICRO 2022.
  • Oct., 2021 --- Presented the talk "What Chiplets can Bring to Multi-Tenant Clouds" at MICRO 2021.
  • Mar., 2020 --- ASPLOS 2020, YArch workshop Travel Grant (Update: the conference ended up with a virtual conference).